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26 Individuals with the CADDY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CADDY, Annie Bella24 Apr 1848?
CADDY, Annie Isabella18671868
CADDY, Benjamin Jennings1881?
CADDY, Betty
CADDY, Charles Henry1869?
CADDY, Elizabeth18361863
CADDY, Ellen1880?
CADDY, Henry JohnABT 1750?
CADDY, JamesOct 184310 Jan 1888
CADDY, James Jnr18671936
CADDY, John27 Sep 18701876
CADDY, John Freeman1878?
CADDY, Joseph Leslie18871888
CADDY, Lillian Alice
CADDY, Mary Anne14 Jan 18738 Jun 1942
CADDY, MichaelSep 18081872
CADDY, MichaelMar 1773?
CADDY, Michael1874?
CADDY, Priscilla1876?
CADDY, Robert
CADDY, Robert
CADDY, Vernon Sydney192219 Jul 1966
CADDY, William James1893?

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