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47 Individuals with the CABELL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CABELL, Ann15 Feb 177127 Jul 1840
CABELL, Ann Blows
CABELL, Anthony
CABELL, Audra22 Feb
CABELL, Audra22 Feb
CABELL, ChristopherBEF 21 Feb 1664/1665
CABELL, ElizabethABT 17726 Feb 1855
CABELL, ElizabethFeb 1738/1739
CABELL, Elizabeth30 Jan 1712/17131741
CABELL, Elizabeth Nicholas
CABELL, Elvira
CABELL, Francis Barraud
CABELL, Francis G.
CABELL, Frederic17755 Mar 1841
CABELL, GeorgeABT 1742
CABELL, James Branch
CABELL, Joanna16 Feb 1701/17022 Jul 1728
CABELL, Joseph14 Mar 1706/170710 Jul 1762
CABELL, Joseph
CABELL, Joseph19 Sep 17321 Mar 1798
CABELL, JosephABT 1684
CABELL, Joseph Hartwell
CABELL, Joseph Jr.6 Jan 176231 Aug 1831
CABELL, M. CharlesPrivate
CABELL, Mary21 Dec 1704
CABELL, Mary13 Feb 1727BEF 24 Jun 1760
CABELL, Mary Cornelia
CABELL, Mary Hopkins22 Feb 176926 Mar 1858
CABELL, Megham31 JUL 1992
CABELL, Moscow
CABELL, Nicholas29 Oct 175018 Aug 1803
CABELL, Nicholas166730 Jul 1730
CABELL, Nicholas Francis
CABELL, Paulina
CABELL, Philip Barraud
CABELL, Philip Mason
CABELL, Phillip B.16 JUN 183616 MAR 1904
CABELL, Sally Faulcon
CABELL, Sarah26 Dec 17106 Aug 1715
CABELL, Sarah1 OCT 1994
CABELL, William9 Mar 1699/170012 Apr 1774
CABELL, WilliamDec 1734
CABELL, WilliamABT 4 Sep 1704
CABELL, William D.
CABELL, William H.16 Dec 177212 Jan 1853
CABELL, William Jr.13 Mar 173023 Mar 1798

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