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4865 Individuals with the BARNUM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BARNUM, Aaron Stevens18071893
BARNUM, Abba1859
BARNUM, Abbey1796
BARNUM, Abel19 Sep 176424 Mar 1851
BARNUM, Abel20 May 176424 Mar 1851
BARNUM, Abel27 Jun 1752
BARNUM, Abel1849
BARNUM, Abel30 Jun 18211910
BARNUM, Abel26 Mar 177719 Aug 1859
BARNUM, Abel27 Jun 1752
BARNUM, Abel170326 May 1799
BARNUM, Abel17031799
BARNUM, Abel20 MAY 176424 MAR 1851
BARNUM, Abel17031799
BARNUM, Abel10 SEP 176424 MAR 1851
BARNUM, Abel1750
BARNUM, Abel26 MAR 177719 AUG 1859
BARNUM, Abel J.18041896
BARNUM, Abel J.18041896
BARNUM, Abel S.12 Jan 18008 Oct 1877
BARNUM, Abel S.12 JAN 18008 OCT 1877
BARNUM, Abigail1669
BARNUM, Abigail1725
BARNUM, Abigail
BARNUM, Abigail11 May 1792
BARNUM, Abigail10 Dec 174425 Nov 1756
BARNUM, Abigail17451767
BARNUM, Abigail3 Feb 181523 Dec 1878
BARNUM, Abigail18081860
BARNUM, Abigail2 Dec 177623 Oct 1857
BARNUM, Abigail1874
BARNUM, Abigail17 Jul 1803
BARNUM, Abigail
BARNUM, Abigail
BARNUM, Abigail14 Feb 18101 Sep 1890
BARNUM, Abigail22 Dec 174022 Nov 1745
BARNUM, Abigail18 Jan 1747
BARNUM, Abigail19 Apr 1772
BARNUM, Abigail1799
BARNUM, Abigail1769
BARNUM, Abigail27 Jun 1780Nov 1812
BARNUM, Abigail1732
BARNUM, Abigail1670
BARNUM, Abigail31 Jul 1848
BARNUM, Abigail30 Jun 17314 Jan 1777
BARNUM, Abigail1669
BARNUM, Abigail1669(UNKNOWN)
BARNUM, Abijah1815
BARNUM, Abijah17945 Feb 1870
BARNUM, Abijah24 Apr 17661813
BARNUM, Abijah16 Apr 1770
BARNUM, Abijah1742
BARNUM, Abijah1742
BARNUM, Abijah24 APR 1766
BARNUM, Abijah
BARNUM, Abijah
BARNUM, Abijah Payne1849
BARNUM, Abijah Payne29 Sep 181929 Jun 1855
BARNUM, Abijah Seth17981880
BARNUM, Abijah Weed18155 Apr 1856
BARNUM, Abijah Weed18155 APR 1856
BARNUM, Abiram Winton7 OCT 182512 DEC 1895
BARNUM, Abiram Winton7 Oct 182512 Dec 1895
BARNUM, Abner17031744
BARNUM, Abner1703
BARNUM, Abner1703
BARNUM, Abraham
BARNUM, Abraham
BARNUM, Abraham1835
BARNUM, Abraham1815
BARNUM, Abram Covert22 Jan 1839
BARNUM, Abram Covert28 JAN 1839
BARNUM, Abram Goodsall26 DEC 18268 SEP 1890
BARNUM, Abram Goodsall26 Dec 18268 Sep 1890
BARNUM, Absolom13 Jun 1772
BARNUM, Ada1866
BARNUM, Adah1770
BARNUM, Adah7 Aug 180229 Nov 1840
BARNUM, Adalbert1853
BARNUM, Adalbert
BARNUM, Adalbert Chase1840
BARNUM, Adalbert Chase1840
BARNUM, Addie1858
BARNUM, Addie M.1857
BARNUM, Adelaine1909
BARNUM, Adelbert1806
BARNUM, Adelia29 Jan 1808
BARNUM, Adelia M.
BARNUM, Adeline1815
BARNUM, Adeline1841
BARNUM, Adelmar1849
BARNUM, Adelmar
BARNUM, Adlia H.18366 May 1860
BARNUM, Afton Elva31 Oct 191015 Oct 1976
BARNUM, Alanson3 Nov 179919 Nov 1804
BARNUM, Alanson Levi6 Aug 180422 May 1848
BARNUM, Albert25 Dec 18411841
BARNUM, Albert1877
BARNUM, Albert18131831
BARNUM, Albert
BARNUM, Albert1830
BARNUM, Albert
BARNUM, Albert25 DEC 18411842
BARNUM, Albert
BARNUM, Albert Gordon1846
BARNUM, Albert Gordon
BARNUM, Albert Hoyt20 Jun 18121880
BARNUM, Albert HoytJUN 18121880
BARNUM, Albert Judson18331834
BARNUM, Albert Judson3 Aug 18331834
BARNUM, Albert Leslie25 Mar 1862
BARNUM, Albert Lester18531899
BARNUM, Albert Lester18531899
BARNUM, Albert Moses3 SEP 18381905
BARNUM, Albert Moses3 Sep 18381905
BARNUM, Albert O.18131831
BARNUM, Albert Sevedra27 Dec 18125 Mar 1894
BARNUM, Albert Starr27 Aug 18276 Apr 1906
BARNUM, Alberto18131813
BARNUM, Albesinda12 May 1790
BARNUM, Aldula1796
BARNUM, Alethene23 Feb 1792
BARNUM, Alexander Milligan1847
BARNUM, Alexander Milligan1847
BARNUM, Alexis Olivia13 Mar 1997
BARNUM, Alford Leroy7 DEC 192215 OCT 1998
BARNUM, Alford Leroy7 DEC 192215 OCT 1998
BARNUM, Alfred
BARNUM, Alfred13 Nov 183521 Aug 1846
BARNUM, Alfred18401855
BARNUM, Alfred28 Mar 18211910
BARNUM, Alfred
BARNUM, Alfred15 Jan 181629 Jul 1895
BARNUM, Alfred18211910
BARNUM, Alfred18401855
BARNUM, Alfred15 JAN 181629 JUL 1895
BARNUM, Alfred Edward25 MAY 1881
BARNUM, Alfred Edward25 May 1881
BARNUM, Alfred Elias1853
BARNUM, Alfred Elias
BARNUM, Alfred Henry1862
BARNUM, Alfred Henry18331862
BARNUM, Alice1840
BARNUM, Alice26 Nov 185826 Jan 1931
BARNUM, Alice B.14 Oct 18502 Jun 1880
BARNUM, Alice Loretta21 Oct 187316 Jun 1896
BARNUM, Allan Lafayette23 Sep 1860
BARNUM, Allan Lafayette23 SEP 1860
BARNUM, Allan Romine1874
BARNUM, Allan Romine1874
BARNUM, Allan S.14 Oct 1816
BARNUM, Allan S.14 OCT 1816
BARNUM, Allen29 OCT 1838
BARNUM, Allen29 Oct 1838
BARNUM, Allethia1853
BARNUM, Almira15 Jun 18233 Sep 1832
BARNUM, Almira17 Jun 181413 Jan 1867
BARNUM, Almon1801
BARNUM, Alonzo
BARNUM, Alonzo11 Oct 181017 Oct 1861
BARNUM, Alonzo18221892
BARNUM, Alonzo1845
BARNUM, Alonzo1842
BARNUM, Alonzo
BARNUM, Alonzo11 OCT 181017 OCT 1861
BARNUM, Alonzo
BARNUM, Alton20 Oct 1863
BARNUM, Alton G.
BARNUM, Alva8 Jan 17881851
BARNUM, Alva Sherwood1874
BARNUM, Alvah Sherwood1874
BARNUM, Alvan22 MAR 1831
BARNUM, Alvan22 Mar 1831
BARNUM, Alvi8 JAN 17881851
BARNUM, Alvin Packer24 JUN 1869
BARNUM, Alvin Packer24 Jun 1869
BARNUM, Alyssa15 Aug 1997
BARNUM, Amanda24 Jun 1812
BARNUM, Amanda1796
BARNUM, Amanda Diane
BARNUM, Amasa10 May 180722 Aug 1889
BARNUM, Amasa10 MAY 180722 AUG 1889
BARNUM, Ambrose
BARNUM, Ambrose18121872
BARNUM, Amelia1849
BARNUM, Amelia25 Nov 18171820
BARNUM, Amelia Culver19 Dec 1839
BARNUM, Amelia Elizabeth
BARNUM, Americus28 May 1845
BARNUM, Americus28 MAY 1845
BARNUM, Ammon1801
BARNUM, Ammon17931820
BARNUM, Ammon24 SEP 18281863
BARNUM, Ammon11 JUL 1832
BARNUM, Ammon14 May 179926 Jun 1851
BARNUM, Ammon17931820
BARNUM, Ammon24 Sep 18351863
BARNUM, Ammon11 Jul 1832
BARNUM, Amos172229 Aug 1754
BARNUM, Amos22 Oct 17758 Dec 1850
BARNUM, Amos15 Jun 18141 Feb 1911
BARNUM, Amos18341865
BARNUM, Amos28 Jul 175230 Dec 1827
BARNUM, Amos22 OCT 17748 DEC 1850
BARNUM, Amos18341865
BARNUM, Amos15 JUN 18411 FEB 1911
BARNUM, Amos1722
BARNUM, AmosABT 172329-AUG-1754
BARNUM, Amos28-JUL-175230-DEC-1826
BARNUM, Amos C. L.18211822
BARNUM, Amos C. L.18211822
BARNUM, Amos Fell1817
BARNUM, Amos Fell
BARNUM, Amos Fell18711904
BARNUM, Amos Stanley20 AUG 1862
BARNUM, Amos Stanley20 Aug 1862
BARNUM, Amos Tell1871
BARNUM, Amos Thompson18011863
BARNUM, Amos Thompson18011863
BARNUM, Amos W.18451896
BARNUM, Amos W.Sep 17811838
BARNUM, Amos Woodruff16 Dec 1871
BARNUM, Amos Woodruff16 DEC 1871
BARNUM, Amy Clark1 MAR 1903
BARNUM, Amy H.1844
BARNUM, Amy Louise
BARNUM, Amzi H.18381901
BARNUM, Amzi Harrison18681901
BARNUM, Amzi Harrison18681901
BARNUM, Amzi Lane20 OCT 1882
BARNUM, Amzi Lane20 Oct 1863
BARNUM, Anah27 Sep 179028 Apr 1851
BARNUM, Andrew13 Apr 1813
BARNUM, Andrew1846
BARNUM, Andrew3 Jan 17901869
BARNUM, Andrew183010 Apr 1865
BARNUM, Andrew1838
BARNUM, Andrew1832
BARNUM, Andrew13 APR 1813
BARNUM, Andrew

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