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26 Individuals with the AVIRETT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
AVIRETT, Abilene
AVIRETT, Abner1881
AVIRETT, Abner23 OCT 1911
AVIRETT, Abner13 APR 18341908
AVIRETT, Angelina1828
AVIRETT, Annie Laurie20 FEB 18691953
AVIRETT, Benjamin Irby28 DEC 1915
AVIRETT, Catharine18361919
AVIRETT, Delmar1830
AVIRETT, Francis1836
AVIRETT, Jack2 OCT 1914
AVIRETT, Jason Dickey1 NOV 1917
AVIRETT, Josephene18391896
AVIRETT, Josephus18391908
AVIRETT, Julia1842
AVIRETT, Martha Jane18311908
AVIRETT, Mary Harriett5 FEB 18671886
AVIRETT, Mattie18711875
AVIRETT, Richard Munroe9 JUL 1919
AVIRETT, Sarah Amanda18271907
AVIRETT, Sarah Francis18741907
AVIRETT, Susie McGriff1879
AVIRETT, William Nathanel18011871

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