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41 Individuals with the ASTOR Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ASTOR, Caroline Fisk
ASTOR, Charlotte Augusta18581920
ASTOR, Dorothee17951853
ASTOR, Eliza18011838
ASTOR, Emily18191841
ASTOR, Emily18541881
ASTOR, Gwendolyn Enid18891902
ASTOR, Helen Schermerhorn18551893
ASTOR, Helen Schmermerhorn1893
ASTOR, Helen Shermerhorn1853
ASTOR, Henry17971799
ASTOR, Henry18301918
ASTOR, Jacqueline1949
ASTOR, John Jacob10 Jan 182222 Feb 1896
ASTOR, John Jacob17 Jul 176329 Mar 1848
ASTOR, John Jacob II17911869
ASTOR, John Jacob IV10 Jun 186414 Apr 1912
ASTOR, John Jacob V20 May 188619 Jul 1971
ASTOR, John Jacob VI14 Aug 191226 Jun 1992
ASTOR, John Rudolph1881
ASTOR, Laura17921875
ASTOR, Magdalen17881832
ASTOR, Mary Alida18261881
ASTOR, Pauline18801972
ASTOR, Sarah1790ABT 1790
ASTOR, Sarah18321832
ASTOR, Waldorf
ASTOR, William
ASTOR, William
ASTOR, William183024 Nov 1875
ASTOR, William
ASTOR, William Backhouse (Backhorse)19 Sep 179224 Nov 1875
ASTOR, William Backhouse III1935
ASTOR, William Backhouse III1935
ASTOR, William Backhouse IV1959
ASTOR, William Vincent22 Feb 18901959
ASTOR, William Waldorf31 Mar 184818 Oct 1919
ASTOR, William Waldorf19 May 187930 Sep 1952
ASTOR, William Waldorf
ASTOR, William Waldorf
ASTOR, 18021802

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