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42 Individuals with the ASKE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ASKE, AliceAbt 149016 NOV 1521
ASKE, Anne15034 Jun 1543
ASKE, Conan DeABT 1322
ASKE, Conant KnightABT 1403
ASKE, DorothyABT 1553
ASKE, Elizabeth15051568
ASKE, ElizabethABT 1393
ASKE, Elizabeth
ASKE, ElizabethABT 13579 Jun 1403
ASKE, Elizabeth15051568
ASKE, ElizabethABT 13579 JUN 1403
ASKE, Elizabeth Anne23 JUN 1931
ASKE, Ellen23 Aug 1620
ASKE, EuphemiaABT 1399
ASKE, EuphemiaABT 1399
ASKE, JoanABT 1395
ASKE, JohannaABT 1373
ASKE, John
ASKE, John
ASKE, John
ASKE, John
ASKE, JohnABT 1365
ASKE, John
ASKE, MargaretABT 1425
ASKE, MargaretABT 1452
ASKE, MariaAbt 1427
ASKE, PriscillaCA 1544
ASKE, Robert
ASKE, Robert1525
ASKE, RogerABT 1401
ASKE, RogerABT 13801439/1440
ASKE, RogerABT 14911512
ASKE, RogerABT 1439
ASKE, RogerABT 14231 Feb 1505
ASKE, RogerAbt 14231 FEB 1504/1505
ASKE, RogerABT 1484
ASKE, Roger
ASKE, ThomasABT 1405
ASKE, ThomasABT 13711439/0040
ASKE, William146524 Aug 1512
ASKE, William146524 AUG 1512
ASKE, WilliamAbt 1464

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