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36 Individuals with the ARMOLD Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ARMOLD, Amanda1843
ARMOLD, Barton1836
ARMOLD, Blaine11 APR 18951978
ARMOLD, Blanche Elizabeth12-18-1924
ARMOLD, Charles E.__ JAN 190521 MAR 1974
ARMOLD, Clyde Milton7-1-25
ARMOLD, Edith1870
ARMOLD, ElizabethSubmitted
ARMOLD, Ethel B.1906
ARMOLD, Fanny18801898
ARMOLD, Florence4 JUN 1899BEF 1984
ARMOLD, Florence Estella30 JUN 187721 AUG 1908
ARMOLD, Franklin11-8-18813-18-1968
ARMOLD, George1835
ARMOLD, George Washington4 MAR 184811 DEC 1932
ARMOLD, Glenn George12 SEP 18838 MAY 1954
ARMOLD, Gloria Agnes12-16-1929
ARMOLD, Harry1879?
ARMOLD, Harvey1877
ARMOLD, Johann Georg1755
ARMOLD, Johann George8-24-17998-6-1881
ARMOLD, John J.3 JUL 185718 JUN 1944
ARMOLD, John Peter26 AUG 18261 NOV 1884
ARMOLD, Joseph1849
ARMOLD, Laura Catherine10 FEB 185529 MAR 1855
ARMOLD, Lester J.18 OCT 19011985
ARMOLD, Martha1872
ARMOLD, Mary Magdalena5 NOV 185021 FEB 1951
ARMOLD, Milton9-30-18452-13-1931
ARMOLD, Milton "Sonny"
ARMOLD, Milton Franklin5-27-19039-16-1990
ARMOLD, Richard Dean1 JAN 1917
ARMOLD, Roscoe25 MAR 189719 AUG 1931
ARMOLD, Sarah Ellen ("Ella")14 SEP 18521935
ARMOLD, Susannah1832
ARMOLD, Tina Marie4-18-56

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