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113 Individuals with the APPLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
APPLE, AddieABT 1867BET 1895 AND 1897
APPLE, Albert J.7 AUG 185225 APR 1922
APPLE, AmandaABT 1848
APPLE, Andrew
APPLE, Andrew
APPLE, Andrew30 NOV 18173 FEB 1899
APPLE, Andrew Clark2 AUG 188316 AUG 1883
APPLE, Andrew Tolbert31 DEC 184112 AUG 1843
APPLE, Arlene
APPLE, Arlene
APPLE, ArthurABT 1865
APPLE, Austin Ora25 JAN 187325 MAY 1942
APPLE, Barbara Ann19361936
APPLE, Barbara Donn11 JUL 1947
APPLE, Barbara Donn11 JUL 1947
APPLE, Betty Jean14 APR 1926
APPLE, Betty Jean14 APR 1926
APPLE, Bryan Tyler20 Nov 1994
APPLE, Byron Parker3 JAN 1870
APPLE, Caspar
APPLE, Caspar
APPLE, Cecil D.DEC 1891
APPLE, Charles E.APR 1872
APPLE, Claretta Anice21 JUL 1878
APPLE, ClarkABT 1857
APPLE, Clarrence
APPLE, Corilla6 SEP 1901SEP 1978
APPLE, Daniel
APPLE, Daniel
APPLE, David
APPLE, David Bryan9 SEP 1969
APPLE, Della A.NOV 1880
APPLE, Delores Jean28 SEP 1929
APPLE, Deloris20C.
APPLE, Deloris20C.
APPLE, Edgar J.ABT 1879
APPLE, Edith Grace1 JUN 1878MAY 1941
APPLE, Eleanor J.APR 1853
APPLE, Eli Jackson
APPLE, Elias W.SEP 1824AFT 1900
APPLE, Elizabeth14 MAY 1794ABT 1858
APPLE, Elsie Jane27 AUG 18847 OCT 1958
APPLE, Elsie MaePrivate
APPLE, Elzina21 APR 184727 FEB 1909
APPLE, George Elias21 DEC 1883
APPLE, Geraldine
APPLE, Hazel W.ABT 1885
APPLE, Helen
APPLE, Helen
APPLE, Henry1709
APPLE, Henry04 JUL 177804 MAY 1852
APPLE, HenryAbt 1709
APPLE, Henry1709
APPLE, Henry Marion27 APR 187630 SEP 1932
APPLE, Isabel J.ABT 1852
APPLE, James
APPLE, James Marion8 FEB 183827 OCT 1891
APPLE, Jerry
APPLE, Jimmy
APPLE, Johann Peter17111779
APPLE, Johannes
APPLE, John7 APR 178719 FEB 1858
APPLE, John H.182923 MAR 1912
APPLE, John MichaelABT 17601851
APPLE, John S.ABT 1840
APPLE, Judith11 Jan 1943
APPLE, Judith11 Jan 1943
APPLE, Judith HarrietABT 1822ABT 1875
APPLE, Laura F.8 APR 186023 JAN 1865
APPLE, Lenora16 OCT 18681 JUL 1963
APPLE, Leslie C.ABT 1869
APPLE, Living
APPLE, Living
APPLE, Living
APPLE, Living
APPLE, Living
APPLE, Maggie Esmer4 JAN 188114 JAN 1888
APPLE, Marcellus Uriah19 MAY 1881
APPLE, Maria M.BET 1848 AND 1850
APPLE, MaryABT 1856
APPLE, Mary2 MAR 179621 OCT 1878
APPLE, Mary15 AUG 18154 NOV 1870
APPLE, Matilda1823
APPLE, Michael MitchellMAR 1832
APPLE, Mildred
APPLE, Milton
APPLE, MorrisJUL 1892
APPLE, Paul C.29 Nov 190630 Apr 1964
APPLE, Paul Z.
APPLE, PhineasMAR 1895
APPLE, Rachel Florence
APPLE, Rebecca
APPLE, Rebecca10 AUG 180317 JAN 1877
APPLE, Robert Edwin21 NOV 187914 MAR 1950
APPLE, Sandra Ann
APPLE, Sanora16 OCT 186825 DEC 1950
APPLE, Sarah A.APR 1861
APPLE, Sarah Ann14 NOV 184312 NOV 1900
APPLE, Sarah Salome25 APR 179216 OCT 1861
APPLE, Solomon29 JAN 180928 AUG 1877
APPLE, SolomonABT 1819ABT 1848
APPLE, Sophia11 JUN 18121 SEP 1854
APPLE, Valentine29 NOV 18403 MAR 1928
APPLE, ValentineNOV 1889
APPLE, Vern Maurice19061987
APPLE, Walter Julius9 OCT 1928
APPLE, Wesley18151889
APPLE, Wesley18151889
APPLE, Wesley Lovel20 APR 187024 DEC 1951
APPLE, WilliamABT 1797
APPLE, William Valentine1 JAN 1883

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