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26 Individuals with the APOLLOS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
APOLLOS, Alexis (Leck) W18 MAR 18754 MAY 1948
APOLLOS, Amanda RABT 1860
APOLLOS, Arsenia WABT 1863
APOLLOS, Bessie SOCT 1885
APOLLOS, Beulah H18781889
APOLLOS, Bulie (Boob)21 APR 190214 AUG 1981
APOLLOS, Comer J10 MAR 188417 MAY 1960
APOLLOS, Elizabeth12 JAN 1857
APOLLOS, ElizabethABT 1866
APOLLOS, FlaudiaJUL 1881
APOLLOS, George H18 JAN 18561919
APOLLOS, HenriettaABT 1849
APOLLOS, Homer Jay26 JUL 189612 FEB 1980
APOLLOS, John "Smith" BarlowABT 18471931
APOLLOS, Joseph B18721897
APOLLOS, Mary JABT 185116 SEP 1855
APOLLOS, Ollie (Ola?)MAY 1899
APOLLOS, Velma CABT 1909
APOLLOS, VerdaSEP 1889
APOLLOS, Virginia E20 FEB 18588 JUL 1949
APOLLOS, Walter Cecil24 JUN 190429 APR 1973
APOLLOS, William TABT 1854
APOLLOS, WillieSEP 1880
APOLLOS, Winfred R18 MAY 19072 NOV 1989

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