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26 Individuals with the ACCOLA Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ACCOLA, Alma Ruth2 Dec 1905
ACCOLA, Ann Marie27 Apr 1966
ACCOLA, Anna Maria
ACCOLA, Armin Oswald24 Mar 18991982
ACCOLA, Daniel Paul7 Jun 1963
ACCOLA, David Ernest20 Aug 1937
ACCOLA, David James19 Mar 1974
ACCOLA, Deborah Kay14 Feb 1965
ACCOLA, Edgar Paul14 May 189726 Aug 1945
ACCOLA, Edward Robert15 Sep 1969
ACCOLA, Esther Mae18 Feb 1901
ACCOLA, Heidi Elizabeth24 Sep 1971
ACCOLA, Irwin Eugene26 Sep 189328 Jun 1976
ACCOLA, James Werner22 Feb 1941
ACCOLA, Jane Annette22 Aug 1967
ACCOLA, Joel L.10 Dec 1963
ACCOLA, John Irwin25 Jun 1967
ACCOLA, Kevin Eugene25 Oct 1969
ACCOLA, Meta Alvina13 Feb 189630 Aug 1972
ACCOLA, Neil Albert16 Apr 1971
ACCOLA, Paul Irwin23 Jun 1939
ACCOLA, Peter19 May 18679 Jun 1927
ACCOLA, Peter John3 Jul 1975
ACCOLA, Robert John18 Feb 1936
ACCOLA, Sara Lynn2 Jun 1969
ACCOLA, Vicki Ann15 Aug 1961

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