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22 Individuals with the ABRASSART Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ABRASSART, Albert19171917
ABRASSART, Alexis Joseph
ABRASSART, Anne13-04-1964
ABRASSART, Anne-Catherine Huberte Roberte24-02-1975
ABRASSART, Constant Joseph19-07-1912
ABRASSART, Constant Joseph08-10-183319-04-1904
ABRASSART, Couronnée18-04-1831
ABRASSART, Daniel Gustave François26-03-1947
ABRASSART, Françoise Marthe Marie28-04-1945
ABRASSART, Frédérique Florence Marcelle01-08-1979
ABRASSART, Gustave Constant31-05-190910-06-1970
ABRASSART, Gustave Constant Joseph08-02-188007-01-1941
ABRASSART, Hubert Henri Albert08-11-1923
ABRASSART, Jeanne07-07-161816-01-1686
ABRASSART, Josiane Marie12-01-1952
ABRASSART, Marie Constance Flore02-04-190616-04-1982
ABRASSART, Marie Eulalie Francoise10-01-183125-08-1906
ABRASSART, Marie Flore Marcelle Pauline28-06-1950
ABRASSART, Monique Irma Flore14-08-1935
ABRASSART, Nicole27-09-1946
ABRASSART, Pierre Constant Gustave18-02-1937

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