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54 Individuals with the ABRAHAMSON Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ABRAHAMSON, Aaron Kurt28 DEC 1986
ABRAHAMSON, Abraham Saloman22-DEC-178729-APR-1880
ABRAHAMSON, Aeltje7 NOV 1653
ABRAHAMSON, Alfred7-JUN-1919
ABRAHAMSON, Alfred Lodewijk30-NOV-186010-MAR-1875
ABRAHAMSON, Alissa M.20 JAN 1978
ABRAHAMSON, Andries2-DEC-187310-SEP-1942
ABRAHAMSON, Ann Louise1946
ABRAHAMSON, Anna18781943
ABRAHAMSON, Annie Sarah31-JUL-18965-JUL-1934
ABRAHAMSON, Arthur Bernard Theodorus30-MAY-186416 MAY 1927
ABRAHAMSON, Benjamin22-NOV-186217-SEP-1890
ABRAHAMSON, Benjamin Abraham15-MAY-1825
ABRAHAMSON, Beppy27-OCT-19381-JUL-1945
ABRAHAMSON, Caroline Nanette1876
ABRAHAMSON, Dorothea Leonara15-JUL-189319-DEC-1957
ABRAHAMSON, Elias8-DEC-190020-MAR-1943
ABRAHAMSON, Eliezer Eduard19-NOV-18597-MAY-1915
ABRAHAMSON, Frits7-MAY-190630-SEP-1942
ABRAHAMSON, Gerald A.17 AUG 1939
ABRAHAMSON, Henrietta4-JAN-190410-SEP-1942
ABRAHAMSON, Hetty11-AUG-19347-MAR-1984
ABRAHAMSON, Jacob Ferdinand5-OCT-1861
ABRAHAMSON, Joseph Abraham26-NOV-1833
ABRAHAMSON, Kim Alison14 DEC 1962
ABRAHAMSON, Kirk Alan19 OCT 1961
ABRAHAMSON, Kurt Paul1 SEP 1949
ABRAHAMSON, Lily Henrietta4-MAR-19181-SEP-1893
ABRAHAMSON, Lion Abraham8-JUL-18205-NOV-1901
ABRAHAMSON, Marcus9-JAN-190227-JUL-1942
ABRAHAMSON, Marcus Abraham26-FEB-1822
ABRAHAMSON, Margaret Ollie8 AUG 191521 JUL 1993
ABRAHAMSON, Maurits7-DEC-190227-DEC-1902
ABRAHAMSON, Meijer8-NOV-18372-DEC-1908
ABRAHAMSON, Meijer Andries20-JUL-1899
ABRAHAMSON, Moses12-MAR-190528-JAN-1972
ABRAHAMSON, Myer Soloman13-NOV-187321-FEB-1875
ABRAHAMSON, Naatje Nanette Caroline8-MAR-186619-OCT-1961
ABRAHAMSON, Nebajoth Ishmael
ABRAHAMSON, Nils11 Jan 1764
ABRAHAMSON, Penny Sue3 JAN 19653 JAN 1965
ABRAHAMSON, Phillip Abraham1824
ABRAHAMSON, Phillip Alexander12-NOV-186226-JAN-1915
ABRAHAMSON, Raina A.10 JUN 1980
ABRAHAMSON, Sara Soloman Cohen11-JAN-1794
ABRAHAMSON, Todd Lane4 MAR 1966
ABRAHAMSON, Woolf Abraham9-DEC-1826

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