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19 Individuals with the ABORN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ABORN, BurrowsABT. 1780
ABORN, Caroline Cornelia13 FEB 180229 MAR 1887
ABORN, Edward17 APR 1817
ABORN, Eliza Greene24 FEB 1806
ABORN, Gasherie Brasher3 MAY 180017 JUN 1806
ABORN, George Burrows1 OCT 18081 MAY 1820
ABORN, Harriet Maria8 DEC 18023 MAR 1841
ABORN, Helen6 SEP 1811
ABORN, Henry Alexander12 AUG 180420 SEP 1805
ABORN, JamesABT. 1760
ABORN, Julia16 JAN 18141840
ABORN, Katharine
ABORN, Lewis Searl Pintard19 JUL 1806
ABORN, Madeline Elizabeth15 Jun 1913
ABORN, Mary Burroughs8 MAR 179725 MAR 1846
ABORN, Mary Helen12 AUG 180217 JUN 1804
ABORN, RuthABT. 1801

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