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65 Individuals with the ABBEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ABBEY, "Arthur" Henry26 JUL 18801962
ABBEY, "Gloria" Delores01 JAN 1934
ABBEY, "Lloyd" Arthur23 FEB 1932
ABBEY, "Marilyn" G.19 FEB 1957
ABBEY, AliceABT 185027 MAY 1867
ABBEY, AmarillaNOV 18654 SEP 1866
ABBEY, AnnaABT 1964
ABBEY, Arthur Henry26 JUL 18801962
ABBEY, CharlesABT 1935
ABBEY, EbenezerABT 1709
ABBEY, ErinABT 1962
ABBEY, EstherABT 1895
ABBEY, EstherABT 1895
ABBEY, Evelyn
ABBEY, Gehial
ABBEY, GeorgeBET 1800 AND 1815BET 1830 AND 1880
ABBEY, George Q.18691948
ABBEY, Gloria Delores01 JAN 1934
ABBEY, Harold R.21 APR 191715 NOV 1999
ABBEY, Harrison
ABBEY, Harry Raymond22 OCT 1891FEB 1979
ABBEY, Irene M.25 FEB 1919
ABBEY, Isabella31 MAY 1803
ABBEY, Italia1833
ABBEY, Italia Emily10 APR 1847BEF 1925
ABBEY, Italia Emily10 APR 1847
ABBEY, Ivan30 DEC 1932
ABBEY, Ivan Douglas8 MAY 189322 OCT 1963
ABBEY, JessABT 1897
ABBEY, JessABT 1897
ABBEY, John24 APR 1797
ABBEY, John16121690
ABBEY, John J.ABT 1820
ABBEY, Johnathen1700
ABBEY, Josephine
ABBEY, Judy04 JUN 1958
ABBEY, Judy04 JUN 1958
ABBEY, Lilllian
ABBEY, Lloyd Arthur23 FEB 1932
ABBEY, LucillePrivate
ABBEY, Marilyn G.19 FEB 1957
ABBEY, MaryAPR 1734
ABBEY, Matthew
ABBEY, Oliver PABT 1870
ABBEY, Oliver PABT 1870
ABBEY, Patricia
ABBEY, Raymond Harrison26 OCT 19218 NOV 1993
ABBEY, Ross Vernon7 SEP 19237 FEB 2005
ABBEY, Ruby R.NOV 18521930
ABBEY, Samuel30 OCT 182317 AUG 1904
ABBEY, Sarah31 MAR 168416 FEB 1732
ABBEY, Sarah7 SEP 1800
ABBEY, Silas
ABBEY, Steven10 MAR 1951
ABBEY, Susan17 JAN 1954
ABBEY, Susan Jane
ABBEY, Thomas165617 MAY 1728
ABBEY, William19 NOV 1769
ABBEY, WilliamCal 1743
ABBEY, William R.2 FEB 186316 OCT 1885
ABBEY, Zena22 DEC 1959
ABBEY, Zena22 DEC 1959
ABBEY, 17951823
ABBEY, 17951823

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