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46 Individuals with the WILLES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WILLES, Anne3 Nov 1751
WILLES, Ashsa Permelia12 FEB 1852
WILLES, Charles Clark18921976
WILLES, Cornelius John18541863
WILLES, Cornelius John25 SEP 1854
WILLES, Edward29 Jun 1749
WILLES, Eleazer28 NOV 178226 OCT 1847
WILLES, Eleazer17821847
WILLES, ExperienceAbt 1667
WILLES, Francis
WILLES, Herbert William George1890
WILLES, Ira Jones18121863
WILLES, Ira Jones21 JAN 181215 DEC 1863
WILLES, Ira Pratt22 APR 1850
WILLES, JannetjeABT 1709ABT 1809
WILLES, Joanna19 OCT 1693
WILLES, Johannah19 Oct 1693
WILLES, John17 Feb 1753
WILLES, John18 SEP 1816
WILLES, Lyman Benjamin19 APR 1859
WILLES, Lyman Benjamin18591926
WILLES, Margaret Sophia
WILLES, Margarette
WILLES, Marion1523
WILLES, Marion1523
WILLES, Marion
WILLES, Mary8 Oct 1624
WILLES, Milissa7 NOV 1856
WILLES, Polly Melissa18561887
WILLES, Polly W14 APR 1814
WILLES, Richard4 Apr 1624
WILLES, Robert
WILLES, Sarah Abigail14 AUG 1821
WILLES, Stephen Arthur18831972
WILLES, Stephen Eleazer25 AUG 1807
WILLES, Stephen Eleazer18611927
WILLES, Stephen Eleazer21 MAR 1860
WILLES, Thomas22 Nov 1622
WILLES, Thomas L24 JUL 1809
WILLES, Thomas L.18091836
WILLES, William Shippen
WILLES, William Sydney Smith
WILLES, William Sydney Smith18 MAR 1819

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