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150 Individuals with the WAKELEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WAKELEY, Abner22 Nov 17692 Nov 1845
WAKELEY, Agnes Ruth24 Sep 188911 Aug 1970
WAKELEY, Alice5 Jan 18493 Jun 1912
WAKELEY, Ann17617 Jun 1794
WAKELEY, Ann1753
WAKELEY, Anna5 Oct 179414 Dec 1831
WAKELEY, Annie "Peter"19 Sep 189427 Nov 1926
WAKELEY, Arthur James26 Dec 18583 Nov 1939
WAKELEY, Arthur James7 Dec 189526 Jul 1971
WAKELEY, Ben13 Jul 1888
WAKELEY, Benjamin Herbert Seymour14 Nov 189830 Aug 1899
WAKELEY, Bertha Florence8 Jun 190219 Dec 1971
WAKELEY, Bertha Jane186315 Jan 1951
WAKELEY, BradleyPrivate
WAKELEY, Brian Seymour7 Jul 190321 Oct 1987
WAKELEY, Caroline Jane19516 Sep 1989
WAKELEY, Catherine1684
WAKELEY, Catherine1759
WAKELEY, Catherine Sarah "Kate"10 Dec 18381908
WAKELEY, Cecil Pembrey Grey Sir5 May 18925 Jun 1979
WAKELEY, Charlotte Lottie31 May 1864May 1935
WAKELEY, Chauncey21 Feb 1832
WAKELEY, David WilliamPrivate
WAKELEY, DonnaPrivate
WAKELEY, Dorothy Edith1912Sep 1912
WAKELEY, Dorothy Grey5 Sep 188615 Aug 1974
WAKELEY, Edith30 Jul 1867
WAKELEY, Edward1660Dec 1660
WAKELEY, Edward1745
WAKELEY, Edward1724Feb 1754
WAKELEY, Edward1654May 1660
WAKELEY, Edward1679
WAKELEY, Edward9 Jun 1684
WAKELEY, EdwardJan 1623/1624Jan 1701/1702
WAKELEY, Elizabeth21 Sep 1681
WAKELEY, Elizabeth21 Dec 1661
WAKELEY, Elizabeth1683
WAKELEY, Elizabeth1747
WAKELEY, Elizabeth1729
WAKELEY, Elizabeth21 Sep 1681
WAKELEY, Elizabeth11 Apr 1656Jun 1705
WAKELEY, Elizabeth
WAKELEY, Elizabeth1687
WAKELEY, Elizabeth Bessie1870
WAKELEY, Elizabeth Vere "Betty"18 Sep 190415 Jan 1989
WAKELEY, Elsie5 Nov 18908 Jun 1948
WAKELEY, Florence Mabel10 Jan 187029 Jan 1939
WAKELEY, Frances1750
WAKELEY, Frances1728
WAKELEY, Frances Emma "Fanny"1844
WAKELEY, Frederick18742 Feb 1895
WAKELEY, George1872
WAKELEY, Gertrude Dora Marguerite19 Mar 1908
WAKELEY, Gertrude Mary8 Jan 18656 Dec 1940
WAKELEY, Gordon Kay6 Mar 189821 Sep 1898
WAKELEY, Grace23 Mar 1866
WAKELEY, Harry GreyOct 187125 Feb 1879
WAKELEY, InfantApr 1611Apr 1611
WAKELEY, James1722Mar 1788
WAKELEY, James Arthur19 Aug 192019 Jan 1955
WAKELEY, James Watson18641938
WAKELEY, Jessie Blanche1866
WAKELEY, Joan Margot20 Jul 19282 Jun 1989
WAKELEY, JohnDec 1712Oct 1792
WAKELEY, John18345 Mar 1884
WAKELEY, John179028 Sep 1792
WAKELEY, John3 Feb 1657/1658Jun 1660
WAKELEY, JohnMay 168731 Oct 1713
WAKELEY, John1741
WAKELEY, John1720May 1721
WAKELEY, John1604
WAKELEY, John Eric Stanley26 Jan 18969 Sep 1916
WAKELEY, John RobertPrivate
WAKELEY, Joseph16 Feb 18681 Jul 1952
WAKELEY, Judeth1617Jul 1617
WAKELEY, Judith1681
WAKELEY, JuliaBEF 1873
WAKELEY, Katherine1651
WAKELEY, Laura Dodd7 Jun 18886 Oct 1981
WAKELEY, Laura Ellen26 Jul 18815 Feb 1968
WAKELEY, Leroy10 May 189416 Jan 1940
WAKELEY, Leslie Stuwart Pembrey14 May 190216 Oct 1961
WAKELEY, Lillian13 Feb 18831964
WAKELEY, Lucy Ann20 FEB 182505 JAN 1865
WAKELEY, Lucy L.1835
WAKELEY, Marjorie FlorenceNov 1888Aug 1889
WAKELEY, Mary1612
WAKELEY, Mary1661Jan 1661/1662
WAKELEY, Mary21 May 1680
WAKELEY, Mary12 May 18398 Jan 1922
WAKELEY, Mary Ann1749
WAKELEY, Mary Ann1749
WAKELEY, Mary Ann "Minnie"22 Sep 1862
WAKELEY, Mary Annie Muriel16 Mar 1891
WAKELEY, Mary Elizabeth1830
WAKELEY, Mary Elizabeth "May"27 Mar 188428 Dec 1958
WAKELEY, Mary Hayley "Dolly"18731952
WAKELEY, Mary Lake179219 Jul 1827
WAKELEY, Mary Maria25 Oct 185717 Jun 1858
WAKELEY, Mary Maria25 Oct 185717 Jun 1858
WAKELEY, Newbold LeRoy3/30 Jul 184729 Oct 1925/1927
WAKELEY, Otis7 Nov 184212 Jun 1915
WAKELEY, Percy28 May 186013 Nov 1954
WAKELEY, Percy Ethelwyn Hunt11 Jun 189420 Mar 1981
WAKELEY, RebeccaABT 1672
WAKELEY, RebeccaABT 1672
WAKELEY, Richard1718Mar 1750/1751
WAKELEY, Richard1681
WAKELEY, Richard16913 Jul 1749
WAKELEY, Richard165220 Feb 1730/1731
WAKELEY, Richard Dick Mansfield187016 Feb 1943
WAKELEY, Richard Mansfield9 Mar 183731 Aug 1907
WAKELEY, Richard Thomas Stanley4 Mar 190019 Sep 1965
WAKELEY, Robert1614Dec 1637
WAKELEY, Robert DavidPrivate
WAKELEY, Ruth12 Feb 1681/1682
WAKELEY, Sara ElizabethPrivate
WAKELEY, Sarah179631 Jan 1829
WAKELEY, Sarah1608
WAKELEY, ScottPrivate
WAKELEY, Seymour Tanner18728 Mar 1961
WAKELEY, Stanley Gordon15 Jun 1924May 1944
WAKELEY, Susanna15 May 1679
WAKELEY, Sydney11 Oct 187628 Jul 1931
WAKELEY, Theodora Ferelyth190118 Aug 1982
WAKELEY, Thomas179820 Mar 1849
WAKELEY, Thomas1622Nov 1622
WAKELEY, Thomas1746Feb 1794
WAKELEY, Thomas Allen18311904
WAKELEY, Thomas Stanley17556 May 1832
WAKELEY, Thomas Stanley4 Mar 1856Oct 1924
WAKELEY, Thomas StanleyDec 179330 Jan 1794
WAKELEY, Thomas Stanley1 Sep 183227 May 1899
WAKELEY, Thomas Stanley "Bob"18809 Mar 1960
WAKELEY, Wilfred Hugh Mansfield29 Apr 190619 Oct 1964
WAKELEY, Wilfred Noel Pembrey2 Jan 190526 Aug 1943
WAKELEY, William1620
WAKELEY, WilliamApr 1710
WAKELEY, William1653
WAKELEY, William1741
WAKELEY, WilliamPrivate
WAKELEY, William Banfield "Bill"18821944
WAKELEY, William Henry A.15 Aug 183517 Oct 1908
WAKELEY, William L.1845
WAKELEY, William Lake180426 Feb 1842
WAKELEY, William Thomas "Willie"186810 Jan 1882
WAKELEY, AFT 17 Jan 1838

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