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66 Individuals with the VOSLOO Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
VOSLOO, Andries1771
VOSLOO, Anna Catharina1782
VOSLOO, Anna Charlotte27 JUL 1813
VOSLOO, Anna Johanna Maria1795
VOSLOO, Anna Magdalena17191794
VOSLOO, Anna Magdalena1776
VOSLOO, Anna Magdalena1766
VOSLOO, Apollonia Catharina1797
VOSLOO, Arnoldus1762
VOSLOO, Arnoldus1724
VOSLOO, Arnoldus1776
VOSLOO, Arnoldus Francois1792
VOSLOO, Arnoldus Francois1816
VOSLOO, Arnoldus Francois1817
VOSLOO, Casper1694
VOSLOO, Casper1727
VOSLOO, Cornelia Johanna
VOSLOO, Cornelia Johanna
VOSLOO, Cornelia Johanna Isabella
VOSLOO, Elisabeth Maria1767
VOSLOO, Francina1740
VOSLOO, Frans1764
VOSLOO, Gerbrecht1757
VOSLOO, Gerbrecht1761
VOSLOO, Gerbrecht Agatha1779
VOSLOO, Gerbrecht Elisabeth1799
VOSLOO, Gerbrecht Elizabeth1754
VOSLOO, Gerrit1732
VOSLOO, Gerrit1768
VOSLOO, Helena1696
VOSLOO, Helena
VOSLOO, Hendrik Gerardus1791
VOSLOO, Johanna Catharina1774
VOSLOO, Johanna Cornelia1811
VOSLOO, Johanna Helena1774
VOSLOO, Johanna Maria
VOSLOO, Johannes1697
VOSLOO, Johannes1759
VOSLOO, Johannes16491732
VOSLOO, Johannes1721
VOSLOO, Johannes Arnoldus1766
VOSLOO, Johannes Stephanus1765
VOSLOO, Magdalena Josina1802
VOSLOO, Maria1761
VOSLOO, Maria Elisabeth1768
VOSLOO, Maria Elisabeth1735
VOSLOO, Maria Elisabeth1773
VOSLOO, Maria Elisabeth Johanna1804
VOSLOO, Martha1689
VOSLOO, Martha Magdalena1801
VOSLOO, Matthys1809
VOSLOO, Michiel Jacobus1821
VOSLOO, Michiel Jacobus1819
VOSLOO, Nicolaas1771
VOSLOO, Nicolaas1769
VOSLOO, Nicolaas1729
VOSLOO, Nicolaas Gerhardus Andries1805
VOSLOO, Sara Elisabeth1778
VOSLOO, Simon12 AUG 192614 FEB 1976
VOSLOO, Wessel1773
VOSLOO, Wessel1763
VOSLOO, Wessel1775
VOSLOO, Wessel1806
VOSLOO, Wessel1740
VOSLOO, Willem Johannes1784
VOSLOO, Willem Johannes1769

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