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66 Individuals with the SPIERS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SPIERS, Alexander17 Aug 18297 Apr 1907
SPIERS, Ann F.20 MAY 1835
SPIERS, Carlton Edgar24 JUL 190721 NOV 1961
SPIERS, Daniel Martain30 JUL 18951991
SPIERS, Dr. John
SPIERS, Eliza AnnAbt 1862
SPIERS, Elizabeth
SPIERS, Elizabeth Bessie18801967
SPIERS, Eunice OpalPrivate
SPIERS, Fannie Victoria20 MAR 1883
SPIERS, George
SPIERS, Hannah176911 JAN 1816
SPIERS, James Laviere29 NOV 192918 MAY 1958
SPIERS, James Porter29 Mar 18771950
SPIERS, James Porter29 Mar 18771950
SPIERS, James Porter29 Mar 18771950
SPIERS, James Rodney5 Dec 193922 Jun 1974
SPIERS, James William II
SPIERS, James William II
SPIERS, James William Porter III
SPIERS, James William Porter III
SPIERS, John17 Nov 179911 Nov 1889
SPIERS, John17 NOV 179911 NOV 1889
SPIERS, John Oliver18 JUN 190019 JAN 1975
SPIERS, John P.6 SEP 18263 AUG 1900
SPIERS, Joseph Franklin4 JAN 1887JUL 1968
SPIERS, Joyce MariePrivate
SPIERS, Kathleen
SPIERS, Lee ArnoldPrivate
SPIERS, Lillias19 Jul 183110 Aug 1922
SPIERS, Louisa Magnolia15 DEC 1891
SPIERS, Loyce LariePrivate
SPIERS, Loyd Homer , Jr21 MAR 192121 MAR 1921
SPIERS, Loyd Homer , Sr22 APR 1885
SPIERS, Lucy Elvira23 MAR 1893
SPIERS, Lula Mae23 OCT 1905
SPIERS, Mark Colin JohnABT. 1970
SPIERS, Mary18581944
SPIERS, Mertie Marie10 JUN 19023 FEB 1977
SPIERS, Morgan Valentine
SPIERS, Morgan Valentine
SPIERS, Neil JamesABT. 1972
SPIERS, Oliver
SPIERS, Ottice EdmondPrivate
SPIERS, Paul Victory19 AUG 192412 FEB 1979
SPIERS, PaulL DavidABT. 1973
SPIERS, Reuben Harris18 NOV 18882 DEC 1963
SPIERS, Samuel Morris30 JUL 1895
SPIERS, Sarah Edite15 MAR 19108 AUG 1991
SPIERS, Sarah Louraney185810 Oct 1912
SPIERS, Shelby Yvonne
SPIERS, Shelby Yvonne
SPIERS, Walter
SPIERS, William Dewy10 AUG 1912NOV 1989
SPIERS, William Pinckney 'Bud' , Sr26 SEP 185813 SEP 1903
SPIERS, William Pinkney , Jr8 SEP 1898NOV 1976
SPIERS, Willie MaePrivate
SPIERS, Wmn. Narhaniel
SPIERS, Woodrow Page15 JUL 191611 DEC 1986

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