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132 Individuals with the SMEWING Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SMEWING, Agnes Maude5Jan1919
SMEWING, Alan27 NOV 1979
SMEWING, Albertc1890
SMEWING, Albert Henry21 DEC 18591949
SMEWING, Alberta
SMEWING, Aldous Peter15 OCT 1976
SMEWING, Alfred20 AUG 1865
SMEWING, Alfred28Oct1855
SMEWING, Alice24 NOV 1867
SMEWING, Alice Caroline11Mar1900
SMEWING, Ann2 FEB 1686
SMEWING, Ann21 MAY 1963
SMEWING, Anne14 JUL 1861
SMEWING, Arthur Henry5Sep1897
SMEWING, Arthur John1921
SMEWING, Carrie Ann1980
SMEWING, Christopher10 NOV 1960
SMEWING, Cicely Joyce14Mar1926
SMEWING, Claire Leanne1981
SMEWING, Conrad David07 AUG 1979
SMEWING, Daniel13Mar1870
SMEWING, Daniel31 MAR 1839
SMEWING, Daniel28May1837
SMEWING, David04 DEC 1915
SMEWING, David John23 JUN 1948
SMEWING, Diana Janet1958
SMEWING, Doris_Agnes_May_wife_of Fredk Wmc1900
SMEWING, Dorothy Olive16 FEB 190926 AUG 1981
SMEWING, Eden18881930/?1933
SMEWING, Edith Jessie1Apl1923
SMEWING, Edith_Ethel_wife_of Arthur Henry
SMEWING, Eliza28May1865
SMEWING, Eliza6Jan1840
SMEWING, Elizabethc1890
SMEWING, Elizabeth1841
SMEWING, Elizabethc1920
SMEWING, Elizabeth Ann1863
SMEWING, Elizabeth Ann17Mar1861
SMEWING, Emily25Sep1864
SMEWING, Emily21 APR 1884
SMEWING, Emma6 MAR 1859
SMEWING, Ester24 JUL 1836
SMEWING, Fanny_wife of Fred1945
SMEWING, Florence4Nov1877
SMEWING, Fredrickc1890
SMEWING, Fredrick Charles19Sep189813Feb1899
SMEWING, Fredrick John29 SEP 18581939
SMEWING, Fredrick William15Sep1900
SMEWING, George20 DEC 1857
SMEWING, George10 JUL 1825
SMEWING, George6 OCT 1826
SMEWING, George Frederick7 SEP 1913
SMEWING, Gordon Oliver Joseph08 AUG 191018 DEC 1991
SMEWING, Harriet
SMEWING, Harriet12May1867
SMEWING, Harriet Anna5 MAY 1863
SMEWING, Henry10May1874
SMEWING, Herbertc1890
SMEWING, Hester28Dec1862
SMEWING, James1989
SMEWING, James19271948
SMEWING, James25 SEP 183110 JAN 1911
SMEWING, James24Sep1854
SMEWING, Jamie Marcus1977
SMEWING, Joanc1920
SMEWING, Joe8Jan1860
SMEWING, John11 JAN 178611 MAY 1855
SMEWING, John Duncan18 MAR 1950
SMEWING, Joseph29 APR 1759
SMEWING, Joseph8 JAN 18551 OCT 1923
SMEWING, Kate3Jun1866
SMEWING, Kathleen Miriam23 MAR 1909
SMEWING, Levi28Sep187313Jan1874
SMEWING, Louiec1890
SMEWING, Lydia6 OCT 1833
SMEWING, Mabelc188927 DEC 1955
SMEWING, Majorie Cicely Helen25Oct1931
SMEWING, Margaretc1920
SMEWING, Maria22Jul1838
SMEWING, Mark Raymond20 SEP 1951
SMEWING, Mary22 NOV 1818
SMEWING, Mary Jane1861
SMEWING, Matilda6Sep1841
SMEWING, Michael Philippe14 JUL 1956
SMEWING, Minnie10Oct1875
SMEWING, Minnie25 FEB 1865
SMEWING, Naomi1834
SMEWING, Olive18 APR 1919
SMEWING, Olive(ia)_wife of John
SMEWING, Oliver02 JUN 188005 NOV 1955
SMEWING, Olivia18 JAN 1974
SMEWING, Paul Leslie1951
SMEWING, Percival Charles25 FEB 18881966
SMEWING, Percy1966
SMEWING, Phyllis Edith Mary7Oct1928
SMEWING, Rachel9Jun1844
SMEWING, Regina Audry1948
SMEWING, Robert Etienne01 SEP 1949
SMEWING, Ronald Leslie1928
SMEWING, Rosa27Aug1871
SMEWING, Rosanna9Feb1868
SMEWING, Rosina Ann12 MAY 1856
SMEWING, Rosina Miriam Ava2 FEB 187821 OCT 1950
SMEWING, Ruth10 AUG 1828
SMEWING, Ruth1838
SMEWING, Sarah13Feb1825
SMEWING, Sarah_Mary_Ann_wife of Henry
SMEWING, Simon20 JUN 1952
SMEWING, Stanley3 MAR 1917
SMEWING, Susannah29 DEC 1822
SMEWING, Thomas22 DEC 1815
SMEWING, Thomas29 MAR 169128 MAR 1771
SMEWING, Thomas29 JAN 1775
SMEWING, Thomas14 JUN 1724
SMEWING, Violet12 JUL 19231977
SMEWING, Violet Phyllis1Nov1903
SMEWING, Walterc1890
SMEWING, wife of Williamc1890
SMEWING, William28Nov1858
SMEWING, William2 JAN 1757
SMEWING, William13 JUN 1824
SMEWING, William26 MAY 1790
SMEWING, Williamc1890
SMEWING, William4Mar1827
SMEWING, William James5 AUG 18571935
SMEWING, Winifred2 NOV 1910c1985

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