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17 Individuals with the SCHEPPERS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SCHEPPERS, Barbe Adelaide28 MAY 18972 JUL 1899
SCHEPPERS, Cesarine Therese20 NOV 1898AFT 1900
SCHEPPERS, Egide8 SEP 1870AFT 1900
SCHEPPERS, Egide6 NOV 1895AFT 1897
SCHEPPERS, Egide Philemon11 AUG 1877
SCHEPPERS, Guilielmus
SCHEPPERS, Guilielmus Josephus28 FEB 1868AFT 1897
SCHEPPERS, Jan Baptist23 AUG 1880
SCHEPPERS, Joanna FranciscaABT 1846AFT 1892
SCHEPPERS, Joannes Antonius13 AUG 183820 SEP 1894
SCHEPPERS, Joh.Private
SCHEPPERS, Joh.Private
SCHEPPERS, Marie30 MAY 189630 MAY 1896
SCHEPPERS, Marie Josephe15 AUG 1874
SCHEPPERS, Marie Nathalie11 DEC 1887AFT 1897
SCHEPPERS, Victor Philemon16 DEC 1900AFT 1900

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