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23 Individuals with the SAINZ Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SAINZ, Alicia Matilde
SAINZ, Carina Andrea
SAINZ, Cristina Isabel18 JAN 1938DEAD
SAINZ, Estela Isabel9 DEC 192423 DEC 1952
SAINZ, Estela Marâia
SAINZ, Fernando Joaquâin
SAINZ, FranciscoDEAD
SAINZ, Gonzalo Ruben
SAINZ, Joaquâin8 DEC 187512 MAR 1952
SAINZ, Joaquâin29 NOV 190712 JUN 1995
SAINZ, Josâe Rafael20 NOV 191830 NOV 1918
SAINZ, Julio Câesar
SAINZ, Leticia
SAINZ, Lucâia
SAINZ, Luis Joaquâin19 JUN 192810 JUL 1977
SAINZ, Marâia Cristina
SAINZ, Marâia Cristina25 APR 19114 NOV 1911
SAINZ, Marâia del Carmen Inocenta15 MAR 190918 MAY 1995
SAINZ, Marâia Eva
SAINZ, Matilde18 JUL 192118 OCT 1990
SAINZ, Matilde Pilar14 OCT 19169 JAN 1917
SAINZ, Ruben Joaquâin

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