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39 Individuals with the RAGUSA Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
RAGUSA, AnnaAbt 1788
RAGUSA, Anthony
RAGUSA, Antonina
RAGUSA, AntoninaAbt 178720 Aug 1837
RAGUSA, AntoninaAbt 17833 Oct 1829
RAGUSA, Antonina Maria23 Mar 1793
RAGUSA, Domenica
RAGUSA, Domenica Antonina Giuseppa27 Jan 178328 Jun 1845
RAGUSA, Felice
RAGUSA, Francesca
RAGUSA, Francesca Antonina7 May 1823
RAGUSA, FrancescoAbt 171522 Dec 1795
RAGUSA, GiovanniAbt 17624 Sep 1818
RAGUSA, Giuseppe
RAGUSA, GiuseppeAbt 175814 Feb 1800
RAGUSA, Giuseppe
RAGUSA, Giuseppe
RAGUSA, Giuseppe Vincenzo3 Nov 1793
RAGUSA, IgnaziaAbt 175829 Jan 1838
RAGUSA, Ignazia
RAGUSA, Innocenzio
RAGUSA, Leonarda
RAGUSA, Margherita7 Dec 1838
RAGUSA, Maria3 Nov 1828
RAGUSA, Maria Santa27 Feb 1807
RAGUSA, Marianna
RAGUSA, Michele
RAGUSA, Pietro
RAGUSA, RosaAbt 1803
RAGUSA, Rosalia
RAGUSA, Rosalia17 Sep 1820
RAGUSA, RosariaAbt 179311 Sep 1851
RAGUSA, SalvadoreAbt 179529 May 1835
RAGUSA, Sandra03 FEB 1952
RAGUSA, Vincenza
RAGUSA, VitaAbt 177330 Aug 1821

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