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99 Individuals with the POTGIETER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
POTGIETER, Agatha Catharina1788
POTGIETER, Aletta Maria1790
POTGIETER, Amerentia Hester1758
POTGIETER, Anna Elizabeth1795
POTGIETER, Anna Magdalena10 NOV 1801
POTGIETER, Anna Margaretha
POTGIETER, Anna Susanna1792
POTGIETER, Beatrix Johanna19 JAN 1777
POTGIETER, Catharina1679
POTGIETER, Catharina
POTGIETER, Catharina18 APR 1784
POTGIETER, Catharina5 FEB 1730/31
POTGIETER, Catharina1 NOV 1772
POTGIETER, Catharina Maria26 MAY 1758
POTGIETER, Christina Johanna1787
POTGIETER, Clara Isabella21 MAR 1788
POTGIETER, Cornelia9 MAR 1760
POTGIETER, Cornelia1747
POTGIETER, Cornelia Aletta14 JUL 1782
POTGIETER, Daniel3 OCT 1751
POTGIETER, Danielina Johanna2 MAY 1784
POTGIETER, Elisabeth1712
POTGIETER, Elisabeth Anna1752
POTGIETER, Elsie Catharina1785
POTGIETER, Elsie Josina28 JAN 1770
POTGIETER, Elsje1775
POTGIETER, Emerentia
POTGIETER, Emerentia1719
POTGIETER, Evert Frederik
POTGIETER, Evert Frederik1760
POTGIETER, Frederica29 JAN 1786
POTGIETER, Frederick
POTGIETER, Frederik1724
POTGIETER, Frederik Johannes25 APR 1779
POTGIETER, Gerbrecht Elizabeth1793
POTGIETER, Gerbrecht Elizabeth1820
POTGIETER, Gesina Catharina
POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen1690
POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen1750
POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen1784
POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen1736
POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen
POTGIETER, Hans Jurgen8 AUG 1762
POTGIETER, Herman1605
POTGIETER, HermanAbt 1605
POTGIETER, Herman Janz1635
POTGIETER, Hermanus1721
POTGIETER, Hermanus Lambertus1728
POTGIETER, Hermanus Lambertus1756
POTGIETER, Hermen Jansz16351702
POTGIETER, Hester1716
POTGIETER, Hester1781
POTGIETER, Hester Cornelia20 MAR 1796
POTGIETER, Hester Maria26 SEP 1779
POTGIETER, Isabella1727
POTGIETER, Isabella1754
POTGIETER, Isabella1711
POTGIETER, Isabella175512 FEB 1836
POTGIETER, Izaak1783
POTGIETER, Jacobus2 MAY 1790
POTGIETER, Jacobus1734
POTGIETER, Jacobus Frederik25 DEC 1775
POTGIETER, Jacobus Frederik20 JAN 1774
POTGIETER, Jacobus Theodorus1763
POTGIETER, Jacomina1753
POTGIETER, Jan Frederik14 APR 1771
POTGIETER, Johanna Louisa12 APR 1772
POTGIETER, Johannes1785
POTGIETER, Johannes16741733
POTGIETER, Johannes29 MAR 1750
POTGIETER, Johannes1733
POTGIETER, Johannes1715
POTGIETER, Johannes Hermanus1751
POTGIETER, Margaretha Aletta28 SEP 1777
POTGIETER, Maria5 FEB 1730/31
POTGIETER, Maria1687
POTGIETER, Maria1778
POTGIETER, Maria Catharina17 APR 1768
POTGIETER, Maria Catharina1749
POTGIETER, Maria Johanna1730
POTGIETER, Maria Magdalena Jacoba2 APR 1775
POTGIETER, Martha1722
POTGIETER, Marthinus Jacobus1794
POTGIETER, Marthinus Johannes1790
POTGIETER, Marthinus Johannes8 FEB 1767
POTGIETER, Petrus Johannes189514 NOV 1959
POTGIETER, Philip1758
POTGIETER, Philippina Susanna10 MAR 1799
POTGIETER, Sara Johanna
POTGIETER, Susanna Maria22 FEB 1778
POTGIETER, Theodorus1726
POTGIETER, Theodorus1780
POTGIETER, Theunis17 FEB 1782
POTGIETER, Willem Hans Jurgen16 MAR 1766

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