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71 Individuals with the OHLER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OHLER, Amanda Susannah1845
OHLER, Aniece
OHLER, Anna1826
OHLER, Barbara
OHLER, Betty
OHLER, Brenda Kay18 SEP 1976
OHLER, Catherine1844
OHLER, Chester Adam19041974
OHLER, Clayton "Dutch" William18801951
OHLER, Clinton18801972
OHLER, Constance "Connie" Lee
OHLER, David18441900
OHLER, Dorothy Mae
OHLER, Elizabeth18111868
OHLER, Elizabeth9 MAR 184210 OCT 1924
OHLER, Elizabeth Catherine1849
OHLER, Eric Wayne
OHLER, George1828
OHLER, Gerald BradleyPrivate
OHLER, Gerald BurtonPrivate
OHLER, Gerald Lee29 JAN 1964
OHLER, Gordon Clayton
OHLER, HannahAbt 1836
OHLER, Harriet Maranda1848
OHLER, Irvan H.19071979
OHLER, Isaac Oler18181875
OHLER, Jacob
OHLER, JacobAbt 181930 JUN 1889
OHLER, James10 NOV 1935
OHLER, James16 OCT 1961
OHLER, James Michael
OHLER, Jason Edward27 MAY 1976
OHLER, Jeanne MariePrivate
OHLER, Jeffrey
OHLER, Jessie26 OCT 1848
OHLER, John1826
OHLER, John17771866
OHLER, John C.18531862
OHLER, John Clement17 FEB 1845
OHLER, John George18501863
OHLER, Joyce Sue
OHLER, Judith "Judy" Kay
OHLER, Julia18271917
OHLER, Levi1823
OHLER, Levi Ezra1849
OHLER, Marilyn Jo17 JAN 1951
OHLER, Marion M.18571862
OHLER, Martin1840
OHLER, Mary Elizabeth18 Apr 18595 Feb 1941
OHLER, Millicent Jane
OHLER, Ora Ottis18791962
OHLER, Orley Osten1874
OHLER, Phyllis Jean8 DEC 1942
OHLER, Ralph E.19171987
OHLER, Rex Leon6 JUL 1949
OHLER, Rhonda Jane
OHLER, Rhonda Jo29 JUL 1974
OHLER, Sallie Belle
OHLER, Samuel18071889
OHLER, Sarah1824
OHLER, Soloman2 MAR 1838
OHLER, Solomon18161872
OHLER, William1852
OHLER, William E. "Ervin"1869
OHLER, William Henry1846
OHLER, William Virgil
OHLER, Wilson Neville

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