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44 Individuals with the NEWGATE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NEWGATE, Adrianne25 FEB 1580/81
NEWGATE, Elizabeth161830 SEP 1709
NEWGATE, Elizabeth161030 SEP 1709
NEWGATE, ElizabethBEF. 161730 SEP 1709
NEWGATE, Hannah19 JUL 1635
NEWGATE, Hannah16331633
NEWGATE, Hannah1 AUG 1633DEC 1635
NEWGATE, John1580BEF. 8 SEP 1665
NEWGATE, John15801665
NEWGATE, John1624
NEWGATE, John9 MAY 1616
NEWGATE, John #115831642
NEWGATE, John #215874 SEP 1665
NEWGATE, Joseph8 DEC 1585
NEWGATE, JoshuaAbt 160812 NOV 1658
NEWGATE, Lydia11 JUL 1620
NEWGATE, Maria8 APR 1588
NEWGATE, Mary160728 FEB 1691/92
NEWGATE, Mary161528 FEB 1692
NEWGATE, Mary161528 FEB 1692
NEWGATE, Mary161528 Feb 1692
NEWGATE, Mary159828 FEB 1692
NEWGATE, Mary159528 FEB 1691/92
NEWGATE, Mary159828 FEB 1692
NEWGATE, Mary [maybe_SURNAME?]ABT 161528 FEB 1692
NEWGATE, Mary [maybe_SURNAME?]ABT 161528 FEB 1692
NEWGATE, Nathaniel4 APR 1627
NEWGATE, NathanielAbt 1620SEP 1688
NEWGATE, PhillipBET 1556 AND 1585
NEWGATE, PhillipeABT 1520
NEWGATE, PhillipeABT 1520
NEWGATE, Phillipe15551636
NEWGATE, Robert1608
NEWGATE, Robert1592
NEWGATE, Robert15631622
NEWGATE, SarahAbt 1621OCT 1692
NEWGATE, Sarah1621
NEWGATE, Thomas17 OCT 1613
NEWGATE, William

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