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28 Individuals with the NAUDE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAUDE, Anna Catharina25 SEP 1786
NAUDE, Anna Susanna
NAUDE, Charel Jacob1824
NAUDE, Charl Francois9 DEC 179228 MAR 1857
NAUDE, Charl Francois174712 AUG 1836
NAUDE, Daniel Jacobus
NAUDE, David
NAUDE, Debora Adriana
NAUDE, Dorothea Maria3 FEB 1826
NAUDE, Elisabeth Catharina20 MAR 1823
NAUDE, Jacob1745
NAUDE, Jacob172317 DEC 1774
NAUDE, Jacob20 AUG 16961 MAR 1739/40
NAUDE, Johanna Christina1 AUG 181930 JUN 1898
NAUDE, Johanna ElissaABT 1880
NAUDE, Johanna Elizabeth19 MAY 1780
NAUDE, Johanna Etresia1810
NAUDE, Maria Elizabeth
NAUDE, Philippe18 OCT 1684
NAUDE, Philippe28 DEC 16547 MAR 1728/29
NAUDE, Philippe Jacob17361812
NAUDE, Philippe Jacob1775
NAUDE, Pieter Stephanus
NAUDE, Roger David16901766
NAUDE, Sophia Catharina
NAUDE, Stephanus
NAUDE, Stephen George18801957

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