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183 Individuals with the MARAIS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MARAIS, Agatha Elisabeth4 APR 1830
MARAIS, Aletta Elizabeth5 MAY 1892
MARAIS, Aletta Johanna
MARAIS, Alice Gertruide Elizabeth20 MAY 186623 MAY 1948
MARAIS, Anna1744
MARAIS, Anna170211 JAN 1765
MARAIS, Anna1725
MARAIS, Anna16911701
MARAIS, Anna Elizabeth1771
MARAIS, Anna Margaretha
MARAIS, Anna Maria1755
MARAIS, Barend Daniel1892
MARAIS, Barend Daniel1768
MARAIS, Barend Daniel16 JUL 1838
MARAIS, Barend Daniel1796
MARAIS, Barend Gabriel1800
MARAIS, Barend Jacobus19 DEC 1941
MARAIS, Carel17571825
MARAIS, Catharina Cornelia29 SEP 187228 SEP 1959
MARAIS, Catharina Maria1753
MARAIS, Catharine Maria Magdalena24 NOV 179528 JUL 1865
MARAIS, Catherine16961708
MARAIS, Charl1724
MARAIS, Charles1758
MARAIS, Charles1695
MARAIS, Charles1748
MARAIS, Charles1693
MARAIS, Charles13 OCT 174829 MAY 1825
MARAIS, Charles166817 MAY 1711
MARAIS, Charles
MARAIS, Charles1722
MARAIS, Charles1761
MARAIS, Charles16403 APR 1689
MARAIS, Charles Gerhardus12 DEC 1792
MARAIS, Charles Johannes1767
MARAIS, Charles Johannes Pieter29 JUN 1800
MARAIS, Claude16641740
MARAIS, Coert Cornelis25 MAY 1802
MARAIS, Cornelia Aletta1761
MARAIS, Cornelia Aletta1802
MARAIS, Cornelis Hermanus1860
MARAIS, Cornelis Hermanus
MARAIS, Cornelis Hermanus Olivier26 APR 186226 DEC 1914
MARAIS, Cornelis Hermanus Olivier7 MAY 18257 DEC 1911
MARAIS, Cornelius Hermanus21 APR 1813
MARAIS, Daniel1756
MARAIS, Daniel16981768
MARAIS, Daniel1727
MARAIS, Daniel1720
MARAIS, Daniel Petrus1791
MARAIS, Daniel Petrus1787
MARAIS, Deborah17051756
MARAIS, Dirkje Elisabeth1793
MARAIS, Elizabeth17251802
MARAIS, Elizabeth Margaretha6 JUN 190325 APR 1979
MARAIS, Elizabeth Margaretha
MARAIS, Ella6 JUL 1902
MARAIS, Estienne17031712
MARAIS, Francina Susanna Aletta
MARAIS, Francois21 DEC 1749
MARAIS, Francois Paulus1788
MARAIS, Frans Bastiaans1863
MARAIS, Gabriel
MARAIS, Geoffrey DuABT 1170
MARAIS, Geoffrey DuABT 1170
MARAIS, Geoffrey DuABT 1170
MARAIS, Geoffrey DuABT 1170
MARAIS, Gerhardus Petrus1780
MARAIS, Gerrit Hendrik1803
MARAIS, Guillaume Francois
MARAIS, Hendrikus Jacobus
MARAIS, Hendrina Jacoba2 AUG 1900
MARAIS, Hendrina Johanna1781
MARAIS, Hester1701
MARAIS, Hester27 MAR 1728
MARAIS, Hester1759
MARAIS, Hester1700
MARAIS, Hester1746
MARAIS, Isaac Stephanus Jacobus
MARAIS, Izaac1677
MARAIS, Izaac Stephanus24 AUG 1797
MARAIS, Izaac Stephanus Jacobus15 NOV 18238 AUG 1866
MARAIS, Izaak15 APR 17111768
MARAIS, Izak1757
MARAIS, Izak Stephanus30 DEC 1846
MARAIS, Jacob1719
MARAIS, Jacob1755
MARAIS, Jacoba Johanna
MARAIS, Jacobus1744
MARAIS, Jacobus Stephanus
MARAIS, Jacomina
MARAIS, Jacomina Christina1788
MARAIS, Jacques Jacobus12 JUL 17096 JUN 1751
MARAIS, Jean17007 FEB 1743/44
MARAIS, Jeremias Jesaias1807
MARAIS, Joan DuABT 1202BEF 4 Sep 1225
MARAIS, Joan DuABT 1202BEF 4 Sep 1225
MARAIS, Joan DuABT 1202BEF 4 Sep 1225
MARAIS, Joan DuABT 1202BEF 4 SEP 1225
MARAIS, Johan Andries11 MAR 1827
MARAIS, Johan Christiaan1794
MARAIS, Johan Christiaan
MARAIS, Johannes
MARAIS, Johannes176320 MAY 1834
MARAIS, Johannes
MARAIS, Johannes Henricus
MARAIS, Johannes Isaak Frederik6 MAR 1916
MARAIS, Johannes Izaak Frederik30 DEC 180914 JUN 1897
MARAIS, Johannes Izak Frederik12 AUG 189021 AUG 1977
MARAIS, Johannes Izak Frederik29 NOV 185322 DEC 1924
MARAIS, Johannes Izak Frederik12 APR 1926
MARAIS, Johannes Jacobus26 DEC 1806
MARAIS, Johannes Jurgen17 AUG 1828
MARAIS, Johannes Locewyck1800
MARAIS, Johannes Lodewijk1795
MARAIS, Johannes Lodewyck1763
MARAIS, Johannes Stephanus1733
MARAIS, John DuABT 1200
MARAIS, John DuABT 1200
MARAIS, John DuABT 1200
MARAIS, Living
MARAIS, Living
MARAIS, Living
MARAIS, Living
MARAIS, Living
MARAIS, Living
MARAIS, Lucya Christina25 MAY 1883
MARAIS, Machteld7 AUG 1850
MARAIS, Machteld Geertruy Anna3 OCT 1808
MARAIS, Machteld Geertruy Maria27 DEC 1807
MARAIS, Magdalena1724
MARAIS, Magdalena Adriana7 NOV 1835
MARAIS, Magdalena Petronella
MARAIS, Magdaline Wilhelmina
MARAIS, Magdel Maria3 OCT 1920
MARAIS, Magteld Cecelia Johanna11 JUL 1832
MARAIS, Margaretha Geertruida1797
MARAIS, Margaretha Geertruy1783
MARAIS, Margaretha Helena1798
MARAIS, Maria1708
MARAIS, Maria1722
MARAIS, Maria1740
MARAIS, Maria Dorothea Elisabeth6 JAN 1831
MARAIS, Maria Elizabeth174313 AUG 1790
MARAIS, Maria Madeleine16827 JUL 1716
MARAIS, Maria Magdalena
MARAIS, Maria Magdalena22 JUN 1840
MARAIS, Maria Margaretha
MARAIS, Maria Margaretha Catharina10 JUN 1822
MARAIS, Maria Martha Magdalena1760
MARAIS, Maria Petronella1773
MARAIS, Maria Susanna4 SEP 1746
MARAIS, Marie Madeleine16921766
MARAIS, Martha
MARAIS, Martha Hester14 DEC 1923
MARAIS, Martha Sophia
MARAIS, Marthinus Casparus Behrens8 MAR 191825 APR 1969
MARAIS, Matthys Adriaan1769
MARAIS, Matthys Hendrik1789
MARAIS, Matthys Hendrik1791
MARAIS, Paul Johannes13 AUG 1855
MARAIS, Paulus Stephanus1751
MARAIS, Petrus1726
MARAIS, Pieter26 DEC 1726
MARAIS, Rachel Margaretha22 OCT 1848
MARAIS, Samuel Jacobus1778
MARAIS, Sarah Jacoba
MARAIS, Sarel Jacobus13 MAY 1858
MARAIS, Sarel Stephanus1805
MARAIS, Sophia Christina Henrietta29 APR 1831
MARAIS, Stephanus1765
MARAIS, Stephanus1696
MARAIS, Stephanus Cornelius20 MAR 189426 JAN 1973
MARAIS, Stephanus Francois11 JAN 185230 DEC 1923
MARAIS, Stephanus Francois
MARAIS, Susanna
MARAIS, Susanna1723
MARAIS, Wessel Jacobus
MARAIS, Willem Pieter2 NOV 1803
MARAIS, Willem Sterrenberg1775

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