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1514 Individuals with the LOVE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LOVE, ???Private
LOVE, ---
LOVE, ???BEF. 1900
LOVE, Aaron L.ABT 1784WFT Est 1834-1876
LOVE, Aaron L.ABT. 1784WFT Est. 1834-1876
LOVE, Abrie Jane
LOVE, Achsah23 Apr 1815
LOVE, Ada Afton30 Nov 189529 Mar 1971
LOVE, AdamABT 1788
LOVE, AdamAbt 1788
LOVE, Adam1788
LOVE, AdamAbt 1788
LOVE, Addie14 JAN 18952 SEP 1912
LOVE, Adrian Claude19201991
LOVE, Adrian Claude19201991
LOVE, Adrian Melvin18 DEC 1927
LOVE, Agnes21 MAR 18765 MAR 1922
LOVE, AgnesBEF. 3 AUG 1845ABT. 1915
LOVE, Agnes1832AUG 1852
LOVE, AgnesAPR 1821
LOVE, Agnes5 JUL 18481936
LOVE, Agnes18 JAN 185811 JAN 1932
LOVE, Agnes2 NOV 1815
LOVE, AgnesABT. 1871ABT. 1940
LOVE, AgnesABT 1846
LOVE, AgnesJUN 1831SEP 1902
LOVE, Agnes M.12 Aug 1840
LOVE, Agnes Viola27 Mar 189217 Jan 1970
LOVE, Aileen
LOVE, Albert10 Dec 1814
LOVE, Albert
LOVE, Albert Galatin24 FEB 1869
LOVE, Albert Neil29 Sep 187120 May 1941
LOVE, Alden James
LOVE, Alex Mayfield
LOVE, Alex Mayfield
LOVE, Alexander26 Mar 1820
LOVE, AlexanderABT. 1904
LOVE, AlexanderABT 1820
LOVE, Alexander26 Jul 186022 Nov 1861
LOVE, Alexander1880ABT. 1950
LOVE, AlexanderABT 1820
LOVE, Alexandra26 Jul 186022 Nov 1861
LOVE, Algie3 APR 1903
LOVE, Alice
LOVE, Alice marium26 JAN 187827 JUL 1931
LOVE, AllanABT. 1946
LOVE, Allen
LOVE, allen edmondJul 18581932
LOVE, Alma Florine4 OCT 1929
LOVE, Alvin1896
LOVE, AmandaABT 1836
LOVE, Amanda18206 MAY 1856
LOVE, Amanda1901
LOVE, Amanda1901
LOVE, Amanda MelvinaBEF 18 OCT 18511889
LOVE, Ancil Anderson
LOVE, AndrewBEF. 6 SEP 1789
LOVE, ANDREW12 SEP 174726 MAR 1821
LOVE, Andrew
LOVE, AndrewABT. 1867ABT. 1935
LOVE, Andrew19 NOV 1760
LOVE, AndrewABT. 17751836
LOVE, AndrewBEF. 22 FEB 1835ABT. 1905
LOVE, Andrew1833ABT. 1905
LOVE, AndrewBEF. 21 SEP 1806ABT. 1875
LOVE, Andrew2 Dec 18087 Dec 1890
LOVE, Andrew
LOVE, AndrewJUL 18381906
LOVE, AndrewABT 1676
LOVE, Andrew21 MAY 1861AFT. 20 JUL 1891
LOVE, Andrew Cochran17 SEP 1868ABT. 1907
LOVE, Andrew D.11 JUN 187818 OCT 1965
LOVE, Andrew J.18381908
LOVE, Andrew J.18381908
LOVE, Andrina4 JUN 19031997
LOVE, Angie
LOVE, Ann1785
LOVE, AnnBEF. 6 FEB 181417 JUL 1875
LOVE, Anna Mae
LOVE, Anna Mae
LOVE, ANNAS30 Jan 1709
LOVE, Annie1884
LOVE, AnnieBEF 1898
LOVE, Annie20 Nov 1870
LOVE, Annie Dicie25 Oct 18788 Feb 1961
LOVE, Annie Dillard6 Nov 17872 Mar 1861
LOVE, AprilAbt 1974
LOVE, Araminta1866
LOVE, Ardalissa June17 JAN 1853
LOVE, ArthurABT 1880
LOVE, ArthurABT 1880
LOVE, Arthur James
LOVE, Arthur P.1923
LOVE, Auner6 JUL 1758
LOVE, Baley
LOVE, Barbara27 FEB 1691/92
LOVE, barbara
LOVE, BarbaraAPR 1745
LOVE, Barbara Myers19311931
LOVE, Barry E.3 APR 1954
LOVE, Bart
LOVE, Ben Hatton
LOVE, Benjamin21 FEB 187111 FEB 1949
LOVE, BenjaminBEF 17953 JUL 1849
LOVE, Benjamin Daniel8 DEC 1897
LOVE, Benjamin Sloan29 MAR 185626 APR 1873
LOVE, Benjamin Stephen18 FEB 182526 DEC 1856
LOVE, Bernice
LOVE, Bessie25 Mar 1705
LOVE, Bessie InonaABT 189613 JAN 1899
LOVE, Betty13 Mar 188211 May 1962
LOVE, Betty Carol
LOVE, Betty Carol
LOVE, Betty Louise
LOVE, Betty Louise
LOVE, Betty Ruth28 JAN 19301996
LOVE, Betty Ruth28 JAN 19301996
LOVE, Beverly Faye
LOVE, BillyABT. 1847
LOVE, Bobby
LOVE, Bonnie
LOVE, Boyd Dean5 Nov 19406 Jun 1986
LOVE, Bracy N.23 Jan 191823 Jan 1918
LOVE, Brad10 AUG 1976
LOVE, Brian
LOVE, Brian26 AUG 1968
LOVE, Buck Hannah30 MAR 18817 DEC 1937
LOVE, Buddy Ray3 JUL 1966
LOVE, Burnett I18351904
LOVE, Calvin S.ABT 1862
LOVE, Cari L.15 Dec 1970
LOVE, Carl
LOVE, Carole JoanPrivate
LOVE, Caroline Jessie25 NOV 185616 JUN 1898
LOVE, Carrie
LOVE, Carson
LOVE, Catherine8 Oct 1710
LOVE, Catherine15 JUL 1866
LOVE, Catherine27 JUL 1854SEP 1883
LOVE, CATHERINE14 Feb 184315 Mar 1897
LOVE, Catherine Louise10 FEB 1868
LOVE, Catherine Waterman18 NOV 183712 MAY 1880
LOVE, Cecil
LOVE, Cecilia1635
LOVE, CharityOCT 180521 JUL 1884
LOVE, CharityOCT 180521 JUL 1884
LOVE, Charlene
LOVE, Charles
LOVE, Charles
LOVE, Charles
LOVE, Charles
LOVE, Charles , Jr.
LOVE, Charles , Jr.
LOVE, Charles Allen17 APR 1872Unknown
LOVE, Charles David1959
LOVE, Charles Henry26 JUL 181920 JUL 1892
LOVE, Charles Samuel15 NOV 1867
LOVE, Charles Waterman14 FEB 1875
LOVE, Charles William
LOVE, Charles William , Jr.
LOVE, Charlie
LOVE, Charlie
LOVE, Charlotte18 MAY 182524 FEB 1882
LOVE, Charlotte Ann
LOVE, Charlotte Susan1860
LOVE, Cheri A.15 Dec 1970
LOVE, Cheryl
LOVE, Cheryl
LOVE, Christian25 May 1703
LOVE, Christiana
LOVE, Christina24 DEC 18621906
LOVE, Christine Marie
LOVE, Christopher Bryant
LOVE, Christopher Travis15 SEP 1972
LOVE, Christy
LOVE, Christy
LOVE, Clara
LOVE, Clara Christine2 FEB 1882BET 26 AND 27 JUL 19
LOVE, Clara Maude11 MAY 189328 JUL 1929
LOVE, clarence william4 Aug 1895DECEASED
LOVE, Clarissa
LOVE, Claude1 SEP 18907 JAN 1909
LOVE, Clauson
LOVE, Clifford
LOVE, Clifford Earl10 AUG 18997 OCT 1990
LOVE, Clifford Edwin
LOVE, Clifton Nathaniel28 AUG 1864AFT 1902
LOVE, Clyde Wayne2 Jun 19193 Jan 1998
LOVE, Coke
LOVE, Coke
LOVE, Columbus
LOVE, Connor Lewis12 MAR 1993
LOVE, Cora JaneJAN 1871
LOVE, Cora Lavina1 FEB 190925 SEP 1989
LOVE, Cristinia Francis3 Dec 18615 Aug 1948
LOVE, Cynthia Renee4 APR 1964
LOVE, CyrusABT. 1885
LOVE, Dale Melvin16 MAY 1960
LOVE, Dalton McClain
LOVE, Dan Al07 APR 1970
LOVE, Dan Lewis24 MAY 1943
LOVE, DanielABT. 1805ABT. 1854
LOVE, DanielBEF 1889
LOVE, Daniel Williams
LOVE, Darla
LOVE, Daughter
LOVE, Daughter
LOVE, David
LOVE, David30 APR 1831
LOVE, David1 Jan 182217 Feb 1888
LOVE, David
LOVE, David26 Mar 1769
LOVE, David30 APR 1876
LOVE, David
LOVE, DavidBEF. 21 MAR 1819ABT. 1890
LOVE, David14 Sep 185221 Dec 1925
LOVE, Deborah14 JUL 1844
LOVE, Debra
LOVE, Debra K.1964
LOVE, Debra Rae
LOVE, Delilah16 DEC 1820
LOVE, DelilahABT 1795BEF 1847
LOVE, Denver
LOVE, Dessie
LOVE, dewayne
LOVE, Dewbelle
LOVE, Dillard3 Nov 178924 Jul 1872
LOVE, Doar
LOVE, Doar
LOVE, Dolly
LOVE, Dolly
LOVE, Dolores
LOVE, Dolycena13 DEC 18896 APR 1948
LOVE, Donna Marie
LOVE, Dorcas
LOVE, Dorcas Bell Glorvingna26 Oct 1794
LOVE, Dorcus Bell9 Feb 17975 Feb 1857
LOVE, dorothy

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