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481 Individuals with the HOLLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HOLLEY, Ada1868
HOLLEY, AdamPrivate
HOLLEY, Adeline1835
HOLLEY, Adeline Mary28 FEB 188918 MAR 1966
HOLLEY, Alecia Anne25 MAR 1971
HOLLEY, Alfred15 FEB 181123 MAR 1885
HOLLEY, Alfred24 NOV 185521 AUG 1917
HOLLEY, Alfred D.1843
HOLLEY, Alfred D.1831
HOLLEY, Algernon SidneyABT 1911
HOLLEY, Alice R.14 Jul 186924 Dec 1916
HOLLEY, Alice R.14 Jul 186924 Dec 1916
HOLLEY, Alicia5 NOV 1980
HOLLEY, Alma I1 JAN 18967 APR 1960
HOLLEY, Alonzo1829
HOLLEY, AlphaPrivate
HOLLEY, Amanda CarolineAPR 1843
HOLLEY, Amanda Caroline1853
HOLLEY, Amaziah Abraham21 MAR 187619 MAY 1901
HOLLEY, Amaziah Marion24 OCT 1840BET 1878 AND 1880
HOLLEY, Amazon Taylor1848
HOLLEY, Amy30 JUN 1970
HOLLEY, Anna1845
HOLLEY, Anna Hannah22 AUG 1778ABT 1850
HOLLEY, Annie L.SEP 1886
HOLLEY, Annie Lee28 SEP 188614 JUL 1959
HOLLEY, Araminta Paralee
HOLLEY, Archibald Benton20 Oct 18563 Jun 1920
HOLLEY, Arminda ElizabethWFT Est. 1839-1860WFT Est. 1882-1949
HOLLEY, Arnold1812
HOLLEY, Bama5 NOV 185826 DEC 1928
HOLLEY, Bama J.19 FEB 188517 DEC 1981
HOLLEY, Barbara Ann
HOLLEY, Barbara Ann
HOLLEY, Benjamin F1814
HOLLEY, Benjamin Franklin1831
HOLLEY, BetriceABT 1907
HOLLEY, Brent Harris19 DEC 1951
HOLLEY, Bryan16 JUL 1988
HOLLEY, Bryan D.23 AUG 1962
HOLLEY, BRYAN J.3 Oct 1970
HOLLEY, BRYAN J.3 Oct 1970
HOLLEY, Bryan J.3 Oct 1970
HOLLEY, BRYAN J.3 Oct 1970
HOLLEY, Bryan J.3 Oct 1970
HOLLEY, California16 JAN 185517 JUL 1930
HOLLEY, Calvin18034 APR 1846
HOLLEY, Calvin M.1845
HOLLEY, Carl BensonABT. 1956
HOLLEY, Carl Calvin14 JUL 1934
HOLLEY, Carlotta Carroll27 AUG 1964
HOLLEY, Caroline1837
HOLLEY, Carrie10 FEB 1859
HOLLEY, Carris
HOLLEY, Carter Carroll25 SEP 1937
HOLLEY, Catherine F.1824
HOLLEY, Charley6 NOV 1886MAR 1962
HOLLEY, Charlotte1833
HOLLEY, Charlotte Elizabeth Lottie19 MAR 185329 APR 1880
HOLLEY, Chelsea8 MAY 1983
HOLLEY, Cheryl1 FEB 1947
HOLLEY, Christopher Columbus11 OCT 189010 APR 1966
HOLLEY, Claud1864
HOLLEY, Clayton ClydeBEF. 1934
HOLLEY, Clifford
HOLLEY, Clifford Devere
HOLLEY, Clifford Woodrow7 APR 191330 JUL 1981
HOLLEY, Columbus C.182312 FEB 1865
HOLLEY, Cynthia Joanna (Josie)10 MAY 186926 JAN 1958
HOLLEY, Daniel21 NOV 1785
HOLLEY, Daniel
HOLLEY, Daniel
HOLLEY, Daniel Felix12 JAN 1895
HOLLEY, Daniel Hosea12 MAR 185524 MAR 1936
HOLLEY, Daniel Johnson10 Apr 186823 Sep 1939
HOLLEY, Daniel Johnson10 Apr 186823 Sep 1939
HOLLEY, Daniel Johnson10 Apr 186823 Sep 1939
HOLLEY, Daniel Zellie21 Jul 189227 Dec 1959
HOLLEY, DavidABT 1778
HOLLEY, David Elizabeth
HOLLEY, David EugenePrivate
HOLLEY, David EugenePrivate
HOLLEY, Dawn Machelle29 JUN 1960
HOLLEY, Debra Lynn27 JUL 1957
HOLLEY, Delbert
HOLLEY, Delbert
HOLLEY, Dexter Clark
HOLLEY, Doc17 AUG 18869 DEC 1966
HOLLEY, Dorcas Ann DoraNOV 18241913
HOLLEY, DouglasPrivate
HOLLEY, Doyle8 APR 1944
HOLLEY, Duncan Monroe4 FEB 1967
HOLLEY, Ebenezer L.1833
HOLLEY, EdwardABT 1741ABT 1800
HOLLEY, Edward William16 MAY 189516 MAY 1972
HOLLEY, Edwin25 AUG 1819
HOLLEY, ElainePrivate
HOLLEY, Elam Lee25 APR 1834
HOLLEY, Elam Quitman21 JAN 180124 APR 1847
HOLLEY, Eli Bryant18058 SEP 1833
HOLLEY, Eli J.15 JUL 187329 OCT 1944
HOLLEY, Eli P.4 OCT 183818 SEP 1913
HOLLEY, Elias H.12 MAY 1827BEF 2 JUN 1880
HOLLEY, Elias PinckneyABT 1857
HOLLEY, ElisabethABT 1837WFT Est 1871-1932
HOLLEY, ElisabethABT. 1837WFT Est. 1871-1932
HOLLEY, ElizaABT. 1833
HOLLEY, Eliza1858
HOLLEY, ElizaABT 1833
HOLLEY, Elizabeth11 JUL 183110 MAY 1915
HOLLEY, Elizabeth A.1878BEF 4 JUN 1900
HOLLEY, Elizadie29 Jul 189516 May 1977
HOLLEY, Ella1861
HOLLEY, Ella F.OCT 1883
HOLLEY, Elon25 JAN 183718 MAY 1922
HOLLEY, Elza M.28 FEB 190925 SEP 1977
HOLLEY, Emeline25 APR 1837
HOLLEY, Emiline1837
HOLLEY, Experience1645
HOLLEY, Experience Joseph's_dau
HOLLEY, Frances1780ABT 1860
HOLLEY, Frances Newton1868
HOLLEY, Francis Marion1826
HOLLEY, Gary L.Private
HOLLEY, George A.18571874
HOLLEY, George A.1859
HOLLEY, George H.15 Jan 18741 Jul 1931
HOLLEY, Georgina18331917
HOLLEY, Gerald20 Sep 1940
HOLLEY, Gertrude MeredithABT 1855
HOLLEY, Gideon
HOLLEY, Godfrey
HOLLEY, GodfreyABT 1844
HOLLEY, Gregory Todd10 Feb 196911 Feb 1969
HOLLEY, GREGORY TODD10 Feb 196911 Feb 1969
HOLLEY, GREGORY TODD10 Feb 196911 Feb 1969
HOLLEY, Gregory Todd10 Feb 196911 Feb 1969
HOLLEY, GREGORY TODD10 Feb 196911 Feb 1969
HOLLEY, H. Bessant1823
HOLLEY, Hannah
HOLLEY, Harold
HOLLEY, HarriettABT. 1841
HOLLEY, HarriettABT 1841
HOLLEY, Harriett Amanda17 JUN 18582 JUN 1944
HOLLEY, Harrison Hogan14 NOV 1987
HOLLEY, Helen MarieABT 5 Feb 1854
HOLLEY, Helen Marie10 Mar 1927
HOLLEY, Henry T.5 OCT 1849
HOLLEY, Herschel Quinn6 Apr 1914
HOLLEY, Herschel Quinn6 Apr 1914
HOLLEY, Hester1827
HOLLEY, Homer14 NOV 1900MAR 1975
HOLLEY, Hopestill
HOLLEY, Hopestill164715 SEP 1715
HOLLEY, Hosea1839
HOLLEY, Hosea D.24 NOV 1855
HOLLEY, Hosea Thomas26 JUN 18535 NOV 1880
HOLLEY, Hosea W.16 FEB 179923 JAN 1858
HOLLEY, Ivy G.Private
HOLLEY, J. D.17 Sep 19213 Mar 1929
HOLLEY, J. Wesley
HOLLEY, Jacob1828
HOLLEY, JacobABT 1755
HOLLEY, JacobABT 1720ABT 1779
HOLLEY, JamesABT. 1846
HOLLEY, JamesABT 1846
HOLLEY, JamesABT 17501816
HOLLEY, JamesABT 17181761
HOLLEY, James1 SEP 18256 MAY 1863
HOLLEY, James C.1871
HOLLEY, James C.NOV 1886
HOLLEY, James DavidsonPrivate
HOLLEY, James FarmerABT 1797ABT 1870
HOLLEY, James H.18 OCT 188726 JUL 1904
HOLLEY, James M.FEB 1846
HOLLEY, James Madison18771960
HOLLEY, James Milton14 MAR 177422 SEP 1852
HOLLEY, James Monroe16 FEB 1880
HOLLEY, James Ulysses Gaston
HOLLEY, Jane1832
HOLLEY, Jane1832
HOLLEY, JASON30 Jan 1972
HOLLEY, JASON30 Jan 1972
HOLLEY, Jason30 Jan 1972
HOLLEY, JASON30 Jan 1972
HOLLEY, Jason30 Jan 1972
HOLLEY, Jefferson1801BEF 15 MAR 1870
HOLLEY, Jenny8 OCT 1975
HOLLEY, Jerromy18 SEP 1982
HOLLEY, Jesse1841
HOLLEY, Jesse M.ABT 1835
HOLLEY, Jethro1802
HOLLEY, Jo Ann28 DEC 1945
HOLLEY, Joan M.11 NOV 1958
HOLLEY, Joel Jacob5 DEC 1783ABT 1830
HOLLEY, JohnBEF 1650
HOLLEY, John27 DEC 1898
HOLLEY, JohnABT. 1813
HOLLEY, JohnABT 1813
HOLLEY, John1795AFT 1870
HOLLEY, John22 DEC 1782
HOLLEY, John18621931
HOLLEY, John1833
HOLLEY, John , JrABT 1715AFT 1782
HOLLEY, John , SrBEF 16901728
HOLLEY, John B.1866
HOLLEY, John Calvin19 JUL 18507 SEP 1916
HOLLEY, John E.MAY 1888
HOLLEY, John Franklin17 JUN 189728 SEP 1967
HOLLEY, John IIIABT 1745ABT 1789
HOLLEY, John Jusdtin24 SEP 197416 OCT 1999
HOLLEY, John Lewis
HOLLEY, John Oscar10 FEB 182719 OCT 1891
HOLLEY, John S.2 FEB 181327 APR 1861
HOLLEY, JohnathanOct 1824
HOLLEY, JohnsonABT. 1809WFT Est. 1841-1900
HOLLEY, JohnsonABT 1809WFT Est 1841-1900
HOLLEY, JonathanABT 1740
HOLLEY, Joseph
HOLLEY, Joseph
HOLLEY, Joseph16395 SEP 1692
HOLLEY, Joseph Bankston
HOLLEY, Joseph D
HOLLEY, Joseph M.1876
HOLLEY, Joseph Manning
HOLLEY, Joseph Manning
HOLLEY, Joseph Rayford18 MAR 192116 JUL 1976
HOLLEY, Josephine18661 APR 1918
HOLLEY, Josephine A.ABOUT 1840

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