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21 Individuals with the HABERMEYER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HABERMEYER, Alan29 DEC 19379 DEC 1946
HABERMEYER, Albert William17 OCT 1884
HABERMEYER, Alma Laura27 OCT 189116 MAY 1952
HABERMEYER, Anna Maria4 JUN 185317 JUL 1929
HABERMEYER, Elizabeth Margaret23 JAN 186513 FEB 1956
HABERMEYER, Elizabeth Margaret12 APR 189813 FEB 1956
HABERMEYER, Frederick Martin2 DEC 190720 DEC 1982
HABERMEYER, Fredrich Ernst1 MAR 186312 SEP 1947
HABERMEYER, George Christian29 JUN 184813 DEC 1865
HABERMEYER, Henry Ernst21 MAY 189417 FEB 1975
HABERMEYER, Herbert Henry1 AUG 191716 JUN 1977
HABERMEYER, Howard William26 MAR 1915
HABERMEYER, John Ernst24 JUL 186024 MAR 1861
HABERMEYER, John Friedrich31 JAN 185717 JUN 1861
HABERMEYER, John George6 AUG 18502 OCT 1905
HABERMEYER, John Leonard8 AUG 185530 DEC 1934
HABERMEYER, John Michael12 AUG 182430 JUL 1900
HABERMEYER, Walter Christian28 FEB 19058 MAR 1905
HABERMEYER, William George4 FEB 188813 OCT 1959

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