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44 Individuals with the HAAKMAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HAAKMAN, Andreas Bernardus29 NOV 184717 FEB 1852
HAAKMAN, Andreas Bernardus Hendricus5 MAR 185316 JAN 1912
HAAKMAN, Anna Elisabeth24 JAN 1912
HAAKMAN, Antonius Hendrikus7 DEC 1880AFT. 1940
HAAKMAN, Antonius Hendrikus30 SEP 1908
HAAKMAN, Antonius Johannes21 DEC 18711 MAR 1872
HAAKMAN, Bernardus Cornelis6 FEB 1915
HAAKMAN, Catharina Elisabeth19 DEC 182115 FEB 1822
HAAKMAN, Debora Maria Margaretha1 MAY 1877
HAAKMAN, Engelberta Eduarda Harmina20 SEP 1931
HAAKMAN, Hendricus16 MAY 1843ABT. 1848
HAAKMAN, Hendricus13 MAR 18512 SEP 1851
HAAKMAN, Hendricus Lambertus Antonius14 SEP 182414 NOV 1826
HAAKMAN, Hermina Jacoba Maria27 OCT 1928
HAAKMAN, Jacoba Alida Theodora10 JUL 1930
HAAKMAN, Jacoba Petronella28 MAR 1926
HAAKMAN, Johan GotliebABT. 1782BEF. 1830
HAAKMAN, Johanna27 JUL 1820
HAAKMAN, Johanna Cornelia5 MAR 186021 MAR 1860
HAAKMAN, Johanna Cornelia21 APR 18739 JAN 1874
HAAKMAN, Johanna Cornelia Debora1 JUL 1874
HAAKMAN, Johannes30 JUN 18154 DEC 1897
HAAKMAN, Johannes1 APR 18404 AUG 1916
HAAKMAN, Johannes Antonius16 JUL 189615 FEB 1960
HAAKMAN, Johannes Englebert Maria17 MAY 1927
HAAKMAN, Johannes Heinrich Joseph11 MAR 1907
HAAKMAN, Johannes Paulus Antonius20 MAY 1930
HAAKMAN, Johannes Wilhelmas4 JUL 186927 APR 1899
HAAKMAN, Maria Elizabeth Ferdinanda25 MAR 194118 JAN 1999
HAAKMAN, Maria Hendrika20 JAN 18845 JUN 1913
HAAKMAN, Maria Johanna Hendrika20 NOV 185523 APR 1885
HAAKMAN, N.N.5 JUL 18625 JUL 1862
HAAKMAN, Paulus Maria5 OCT 189710 DEC 1961
HAAKMAN, Petrus Johannes6 MAY 1928
HAAKMAN, Petrus Wilhelmus8 AUG 18462 SEP 1846
HAAKMAN, Sophia Eduarda15 APR 189918 OCT 1971
HAAKMAN, Sophia Maria1 JUL 1910
HAAKMAN, Theodorus Johannes9 JAN 1934
HAAKMAN, Theresa
HAAKMAN, Wilhelmus Petrus24 DEC 18445 JAN 1845
HAAKMAN, Willem25 OCT 18186 JUN 1820
HAAKMAN, WillemABT. AUG 181718 SEP 1817

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