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292 Individuals with the GROOM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GROOM, Aaron Ashley
GROOM, Alan Paul
GROOM, Aleta Jean
GROOM, Alice Lenora21 JUL 18916 JUL 1948
GROOM, Allene Marguerite14 Aug 1886
GROOM, Alpha Tee11 MAR 189411 MAR 1972
GROOM, Amanda Ellen6 APR 185824 OCT 1939
GROOM, Angeline
GROOM, AnnAbt 1710
GROOM, Arthur Glen15 AUG 190721 OCT 1986
GROOM, Arthur Lee16 JUN 18816 MAY 1969
GROOM, Audrey Anne
GROOM, Aurice Loerne
GROOM, Blair08 FEB 1914FEB 1987
GROOM, Blair08 FEB 1914FEB 1987
GROOM, Blair08 FEB 1914FEB 1987
GROOM, Blair08 FEB 1914FEB 1987
GROOM, Britt Lee
GROOM, BryantBET. 1757 - 1767
GROOM, Cameron Garrett
GROOM, Carey Suzanne
GROOM, Carman Kaye
GROOM, Carol Celeste
GROOM, Caroline Elizabeth
GROOM, CarrieABT 1872
GROOM, CatherineABT 1814ABT 1872
GROOM, Catherine
GROOM, Catherine Emma18801911
GROOM, Catherine Emma18801911
GROOM, Catherine M.
GROOM, Charles
GROOM, Charles "Chuck" Orrie
GROOM, Charles A.5 AUG 18341 OCT 1910
GROOM, Charles Andrew1 OCT 18534 DEC 1910
GROOM, Cheryl Jean
GROOM, Christine Sueann
GROOM, Christopher
GROOM, Christopher
GROOM, Christopher
GROOM, Christopher
GROOM, Cindy Ellen
GROOM, Claude
GROOM, Clifford Wayne
GROOM, Cynthia Ann
GROOM, Dale26 JUN 1956
GROOM, Dale26 JUN 1956
GROOM, Dale26 JUN 1956
GROOM, Dale26 JUN 1956
GROOM, Darlene Glenda
GROOM, David
GROOM, David Dale
GROOM, Davis Pierson14 DEC 19209 JUN 1928
GROOM, Delores Yvonne
GROOM, Derris Helen
GROOM, Diana
GROOM, Diane Lee
GROOM, Dixie Ann
GROOM, Don Elmo2 MAR 190315 JAN 1987
GROOM, Don Estel30 APR 192615 JAN 1987
GROOM, Don Eugene
GROOM, Don Wayne
GROOM, Donald Glen
GROOM, Donald Wesley
GROOM, Donna Gleyn
GROOM, Donna Louise
GROOM, Dustin Glen
GROOM, Earl Leonard11 DEC 18851 JUL 1959
GROOM, Edmond
GROOM, Edward1630-16501664-1736
GROOM, Edward
GROOM, Edward
GROOM, Edward
GROOM, Edward Tipton3 DEC 18721930
GROOM, Elijah18181859
GROOM, ElizabethABT. 1782
GROOM, Elizabeth Mrs William (1752)
GROOM, Elizabeth Wife Of Samuel
GROOM, Elizabeth Wife Of Samuel (Senior)
GROOM, Elluhu Francis "Frank"11 DEC 18785 AUG 1971
GROOM, Elmer
GROOM, Elmer Perry22 AUG 18831 MAR 1972
GROOM, Elnora Lucretia20 NOV 185925 MAR 1940
GROOM, Elva Florence26 SEP 188829 OCT 1974
GROOM, Emily Ann18271869
GROOM, Emma Louisa27 DEC 186221 JUN 1935
GROOM, Erin Michelle
GROOM, Esther Louise
GROOM, EugeneABT 18711891
GROOM, Florence Marie
GROOM, Floyd Leslie5 OCT 18821 NOV 1972
GROOM, Frank John
GROOM, Frank John Paul
GROOM, G. D.23 Aug 1895
GROOM, Gelestine Kay
GROOM, Gelston "Bus"
GROOM, GenevaSEP 1907ABT 1945
GROOM, George
GROOM, George (decd.)
GROOM, Gilbert RayABT 192521 DEC 1927
GROOM, Gilmer L.31 MAR 190119 SEP 1982
GROOM, Harold " Hal" Elmo22 JUL 1880NOV 1959
GROOM, Harold Delbert9 MAY 190726 AUG 1992
GROOM, Harry Chappell22 Dec 1888
GROOM, Harry Lee
GROOM, Hazel Fern
GROOM, Henry
GROOM, Herbert Stuber11 APR 18782 MAR 1969
GROOM, Howard Russell
GROOM, Idonna Deanne
GROOM, James
GROOM, James
GROOM, James Donald26 JUN 191723 DEC 1986
GROOM, James E.
GROOM, James Jeffery
GROOM, James Jeffry
GROOM, James Nicholson
GROOM, James Nicholson
GROOM, James Paul26 JUL 188714 MAR 1977
GROOM, James Paul
GROOM, James Pierson27 MAR 18489 JAN 1923
GROOM, James Raymond
GROOM, Jamie Graham
GROOM, Jane Ruth
GROOM, Janet Louise
GROOM, Jeffery Paul
GROOM, Jeremy Reed
GROOM, JesseABT. 1793ABT. 1799
GROOM, JessieABT 1875
GROOM, Jimmie Pauline
GROOM, Joan Kathryn
GROOM, Jodi Elizabeth
GROOM, JohnAbt 1693
GROOM, JohnABT 1805
GROOM, John10 MAY 18234 JAN 1899
GROOM, JohnBEF 1767
GROOM, John Fuller12 FEB 18914 MAR 1979
GROOM, John Fuller
GROOM, John Henry1863
GROOM, John Herbert
GROOM, John Paul31 MAR 192431 JUL 1982
GROOM, John Paul
GROOM, John Robert4 DEC 195617 JAN 1992
GROOM, John William7 JUL 184518 MAY 1928
GROOM, Justin Marc
GROOM, Kacie Jo
GROOM, Karen Floy
GROOM, Kari Leigh
GROOM, Katleen Ann
GROOM, Kylie Jean
GROOM, Larry Lynn
GROOM, Laura Ann
GROOM, Leaha
GROOM, Lela Blanche15 JAN 191412 NOV 1993
GROOM, Lela Maud3 NOV 187630 DEC 1878
GROOM, Linda Renee21 FEB 197421 FEB 1974
GROOM, Lisa Ann
GROOM, Living
GROOM, Living
GROOM, Lois Faye "Mickey"
GROOM, Loren
GROOM, Loren
GROOM, Loren
GROOM, Louisa M.22 JUN 183614 MAY 1914
GROOM, Luke Alan
GROOM, Lydia Ann11 OCT 185017 SEP 1852
GROOM, Lydia Ann
GROOM, Lynn H.27 MAR 194727 MAR 1947
GROOM, Lynn Howard4 NOV 191113 FEB 1981
GROOM, Mabel Arbella16 MAY 1874NOV 1935
GROOM, Major176216 DEC 1845
GROOM, Margaret
GROOM, Margaret Grace
GROOM, Marian Evelyn15 SEP 190516 DEC 1981
GROOM, Marie Louise
GROOM, Mark12 APR 1951
GROOM, Mark12 APR 1951
GROOM, Mark12 APR 1951
GROOM, Mark12 APR 1951
GROOM, Mark Raymond
GROOM, Martha A.
GROOM, Martin Allen23 MAR 186920 FEB 1962
GROOM, Mary Ann1837
GROOM, Mary Ann1837
GROOM, Mary Catherine
GROOM, Mary J.27 FEB 18168 DEC 1893
GROOM, Mary Paul3 Jun 1893
GROOM, Mattie27 MAY 183118 JAN 1899
GROOM, Maynard18 MAY 1912FEB 1987
GROOM, Melinda May
GROOM, Michael Farmer28 Aug 186119 Oct 1930
GROOM, Mike Rowland26 Mar 1898
GROOM, Mildred Ann10 JAN 181214 MAY 1864
GROOM, Minnie27 Apr 18781949
GROOM, Minnie Myrtle1 JAN 187129 JAN 1950
GROOM, Mollie
GROOM, Mollie
GROOM, Nancy Carol
GROOM, Nanette
GROOM, Needham York6 FEB 184712 FEB 1915
GROOM, Neva Lois
GROOM, Nola Mary
GROOM, Norman Lee
GROOM, Patricia Lynn "Pat"
GROOM, Pearl
GROOM, Peoria Alice22 NOV 18564 SEP 1934
GROOM, Peter17261798
GROOM, PeterAbt 166317 Oct 1728
GROOM, Peter
GROOM, Peter1706Bef 22 Feb 1768
GROOM, Philip George EdmundABT 1938
GROOM, RachelBet 1755 and 1760Abt 1830
GROOM, Rachel Leann
GROOM, Ray Allen5 APR 1895OCT 1967
GROOM, Raymond Herbert27 DEC 190419 NOV 1988
GROOM, RebeccaWFT Est. 1698-1727WFT Est. 1760-1817
GROOM, Rebecca
GROOM, Rebecca Adela1829
GROOM, Renee Lee
GROOM, RobertABT. 1766
GROOM, Robert Edward26 OCT 190914 JAN 1990
GROOM, Robert Glenn20 JUL 196010 JAN 1982
GROOM, Robert Leggett
GROOM, Roberta Anne "Bobbie"
GROOM, Robin Jean
GROOM, Robyn Anne
GROOM, Ronald Gene
GROOM, Samuel
GROOM, SamuelABT 1795AFT 1835
GROOM, SamuelBET. 1787 - 1797
GROOM, SamuelAbt 163021 Aug 1682
GROOM, Samuel Bennett3 DEC 187412 NOV 1879
GROOM, Samuel Dabney13 SEP 182122 JAN 1892
GROOM, Sandra

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