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15 Individuals with the DEROOCK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DEROOCK, AngelinaABT 182422 MAR 1887
DEROOCK, Antonius15 OCT 1794
DEROOCK, Elisabeth24 MAY 1790
DEROOCK, Franchois1 APR 1756
DEROOCK, Franciscus17 SEP 1822
DEROOCK, Isabella8 SEP 1746
DEROOCK, Joanna Catharina5 NOV 1786
DEROOCK, Joanna Maria1 JUN 1788
DEROOCK, Joanna Theresia7 AUG 1785
DEROOCK, Joannes Baptist3 JAN 1739
DEROOCK, Joannes Baptist4 OCT 1750
DEROOCK, Joannes BaptistaBEF 1821
DEROOCK, Josephus9 APR 1736
DEROOCK, Maria Elisabeth28 FEB 174229 OCT 1797
DEROOCK, Petrus19 JUN 1792BEF 1849

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