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133 Individuals with the DECK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DECK, 9childrenBET. 1841 - 1851
DECK, Abraham22 MAY 181614 SEP 1891
DECK, Abraham B.17 FEB 1857
DECK, Addie185529 MAR 1886
DECK, Andrew L.18801947
DECK, Atha18881959
DECK, Barbara
DECK, Barbara
DECK, Barbara2 MAY 19222 JAN 1997
DECK, Blanche Agnes24 MAR 1891
DECK, boy
DECK, Brendon Clement19 DEC 1985
DECK, Brent3 MAY 1967
DECK, Caroline23 JUN 1949
DECK, Carrie Lynn25 JUL 1975
DECK, Catherine
DECK, Catherine
DECK, Charlotte19 MAY 1955
DECK, Clara15 AUG 1873
DECK, Clarence25 APR 1960
DECK, Clayton12 MAY 18841 MAR 1947
DECK, Cora
DECK, Dale Landis13 MAR 1955
DECK, Daniel18 FEB 184719 MAR 1867
DECK, Daniel A.1867
DECK, Darrell10 FEB 1958
DECK, David C.MAY 18526 JAN 1936
DECK, Deborah Jean9 NOV 1959
DECK, Denelle M.30 OCT 1943
DECK, Dian
DECK, Donalee27 JUN 1963
DECK, Dorathy
DECK, Drusilla3 FEB 1894
DECK, Drusilla3 FEB 1894
DECK, Dwayne16 FEB 1968
DECK, Earl17 MAY 1895
DECK, Eda27 SEP 1875
DECK, Ella1870
DECK, Ellsworth Iram26 OCT 1867MAR 1911
DECK, Elmer E.1871
DECK, Elsworth Iram
DECK, Frank
DECK, Frank S.16 JUN 187822 JUL 1943
DECK, Franklin
DECK, Fredrick W.18771942
DECK, Gary Allen3 JUL 1964
DECK, Gaylord Nelson24 DEC 18901 JUL 1972
DECK, George28 NOV 1880
DECK, George Watson1821BEF 20 JUL 1860
DECK, Geraldine28 AUG 1952
DECK, girl
DECK, Grace Mae23 FEB 18771928
DECK, Harry1902
DECK, Hazel O.
DECK, Henry Clayton
DECK, Henry Isaac1 MAR 18531 OCT 1938
DECK, Howard Glenn
DECK, Icy IsabellABT 18241855
DECK, Icy IsabellABT 18241855
DECK, J.1992
DECK, Jacob1790
DECK, James H.1848
DECK, Jeannette Louis
DECK, Jennie E.
DECK, Jimmie Faye
DECK, Joanne1 APR 1962
DECK, John
DECK, Joseph14 JAN 1930
DECK, Joseph A.15 OCT 1874
DECK, Joseph F.19256 Oct 1992
DECK, Joseph Weight1838
DECK, Judith Carol16 APR 1941
DECK, Karen Louise23 FEB 1958
DECK, Katherine
DECK, Katherine
DECK, Kenneth11 SEP 1942
DECK, Kenneth Lee23 FEB 1958
DECK, Kevin25 MAR 1969
DECK, Kim29 MAY 1971
DECK, Landis Charles2 JAN 1935
DECK, Laura1867
DECK, Leopold29 OCT 1936
DECK, Living
DECK, Living
DECK, Living
DECK, Lori Beth25 NOV 1980
DECK, Lucas24 JAN 1933
DECK, Lucas18 JUN 190311 MAY 1982
DECK, Lucille27 SEP 1915
DECK, Mandy Leanne11 MAR 1987
DECK, Marcia Janis8 APR 1948
DECK, Margie Ann16 MAR 1954
DECK, Marilyn16 JAN 1927
DECK, Marilyn Maxine16 JUL 1927
DECK, Marion8 FEB 1935
DECK, Martha F.1874
DECK, Mary15 Nov 18183 Oct 1895
DECK, Mary A.1841
DECK, Mary J.18631942
DECK, Mary PollyABT. 1812
DECK, MattiasBET. 1810 - 1820
DECK, Maude
DECK, Paul E.19081933
DECK, Pauline1909
DECK, PearlJAN 18931967
DECK, Phillip11 FEB 192726 FEB 1992
DECK, Pius8 DEC 1938
DECK, Ralph C.20 NOV 18828 JUL 1965
DECK, Richard E.3 JUL 1956
DECK, Robert E.
DECK, Robert Joseph13 APR 1983
DECK, Ronald Harvey11 JAN 1915
DECK, Rosemary13 SEP 1944
DECK, Samuel M.21 APR 18446 AUG 1878
DECK, Sarah A.1 FEB 1872
DECK, Sarah A.1868
DECK, Sarah Ann6 NOV 183920 FEB 1920
DECK, Stacy Ann13 MAR 1977
DECK, Stanley1 APR 1912
DECK, Suzanne Lynn27 NOV 1949
DECK, Thomas F.1866
DECK, Thomas P.MAR 18466 FEB 1911
DECK, Timothy Scott26 OCT 1966
DECK, Warren4 OCT 1920
DECK, William A.1879
DECK, William Grover
DECK, William J.18721955

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