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40 Individuals with the COVER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
COVER, Benjamin
COVER, Carl Edison19 APR 192621 MAY 1926
COVER, Catherine Renee26 MAR 1965
COVER, Christina17501810
COVER, Claire
COVER, Clyde J
COVER, Cora June
COVER, Cora June
COVER, DavidABT 1937
COVER, Earl C.
COVER, Earl W.19021983
COVER, Elias Morgan13 NOV 185119 DEC 1932
COVER, Elizabeth4 May 1842
COVER, Ella31 Jul 1903
COVER, Ella31 Jul 1903
COVER, Elsie15 MAR 18817 MAR 1942
COVER, F. Mildred1904
COVER, Fred Calvin19 APR 1893
COVER, Fred Sanderson
COVER, Herbert Lee
COVER, Jacob Austin19 MAR 186827 NOV 1959
COVER, James Daniel II
COVER, James Daniel II
COVER, Joan Lucy
COVER, Joseph Immel
COVER, Levi SilasSEP 1931
COVER, Mabel
COVER, Margaret183118 FEB 1879
COVER, Matthew
COVER, Orpha Barbara30 Aug 187010 May 1928
COVER, Orpha Barbara30 Aug 187010 May 1928
COVER, Pearl
COVER, Richard Alan19 OCT 1961
COVER, Ruth Marilyn
COVER, Sarah Lou
COVER, Sylvia27 AUG 1886

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