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32 Individuals with the CLAIR Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CLAIR, Aaron
CLAIR, Annie
CLAIR, Charles
CLAIR, David
CLAIR, David
CLAIR, Edouard JohnWFT Est. 1880-1900WFT Est. 1914-1986
CLAIR, George
CLAIR, George
CLAIR, JACOB LINCOLN7-19-18442-13-1922
CLAIR, John E. ST.ABT 1840
CLAIR, Joyce St.
CLAIR, Kari29 DEC 1965
CLAIR, Kitty BelleABT 1863
CLAIR, LouisWFT Est 1807
CLAIR, Luella Mina4 JUL 187224 MAY 1903
CLAIR, Marie
CLAIR, Mary Ann6 APR 1881
CLAIR, Mary Josephine28 JUL 1866
CLAIR, Merinda St.
CLAIR, Miss St.1232
CLAIR, Philip C.
CLAIR, Preston E.3 MAR 1836
CLAIR, Richard EldonABT. 1947
CLAIR, Ruth Lee11 Nov 1906
CLAIR, St. ,
CLAIR, Stephen31 MAY 1975
CLAIR, Tanya28 FEB 1967
CLAIR, William B.23 DEC 18439 FEB 1894
CLAIR, William B.23 DEC 1843
CLAIR, William E.ABT 1879

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