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35 Individuals with the CASTILLA Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CASTILLA, Alfonso deABT 1203/12041272
CASTILLA, Alfonso de MolinaABT. 12041272
CASTILLA, Alfonso de VIBEF Jun 10401109
CASTILLA, Alfonso de VIII11 Nov 11556 Oct 1214
CASTILLA, Alfonso VII de1 Mar 1104/110521 Aug 1157
CASTILLA, Beatriz Alfonso de12421303/1308
CASTILLA, Beatriz De124227 OCT 1303
CASTILLA, Beatriz de12931359
CASTILLA, Berengaria de1244
CASTILLA, Blanca de4 Mar 118827 Nov 1252
CASTILLA, Constanza deAFT 11401160
CASTILLA, Eleanor de124628 Nov 1290
CASTILLA, Elvira Alfonso DeABT 1068AFT 1151
CASTILLA, Elvira Alfonso DeABT 1068AFT 1151
CASTILLA, Elvira Alfonso deAbt 1068Aft 1151
CASTILLA, Elvira Alfonso DeABT 1068AFT 1151
CASTILLA, Fernando De137315 Aug 1385
CASTILLA, Fernando de I1016/101827 Dec 1065
CASTILLA, Isabella of135523 Dec 1393
CASTILLA, Leonor Urraca De137416 Dec 1435
CASTILLA, Martin Alfonso DeABT 1244
CASTILLA, Munia de
CASTILLA, Rebecca1944
CASTILLA, Sabina Josephine
CASTILLA, Sabina Josephine
CASTILLA, Sanchia deBEF 11485 Aug 1179
CASTILLA, Sanchia de21 Sep 1154Nov 1208
CASTILLA, Sancho Alfonso De134219 Feb 1374
CASTILLA, Sancho de IIIABT 113431 Aug 1158
CASTILLA, Teresa Alfonso deAbt 10701 Nov 1130
CASTILLA, Theresa de10701130
CASTILLA, Urraca Alfonsez deABT 1077/10818 Mar 1126
CASTILLA, Urraca Alfonso DeABT 1246
CASTILLA, Urraca de1182/11861220
CASTILLA, Violante Manuel De Señora de Elche Y Medellin

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