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30 Individuals with the CANDLER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CANDLER, Bernice
CANDLER, Charles E.27 Mar 1968
CANDLER, Charles N.
CANDLER, Daniel17011765
CANDLER, Daugherty "Dorothy\Dolly"JUN 16 1812SEP 9 1888
CANDLER, Dwayne (Butch)ABT 1943
CANDLER, Eleanor174014 MAY 1790
CANDLER, Elizabeth17341791
CANDLER, Ferald31 May 1948
CANDLER, Gerald31 May 1948
CANDLER, Henry17381765
CANDLER, John17321802
CANDLER, Karen Joan0 JUN 1970
CANDLER, Lawrence
CANDLER, LeslieABT 1963
CANDLER, LynetteABT 1965
CANDLER, Mary AnnABT 1621BEF 1669
CANDLER, Neil D P0 JUN 1943
CANDLER, Patricia AnnABT 1940
CANDLER, Paul Douglas0 JUN 1967
CANDLER, Ralph1562
CANDLER, Thomas17371758
CANDLER, Walter (Bud)
CANDLER, William1582
CANDLER, William25 SEP 16031680
CANDLER, William Lane17361784
CANDLER, Zedekiah17561825

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