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30 Individuals with the CAFFEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CAFFEY, (Another)1967
CAFFEY, Benjamin Franklin2 MAY 1951
CAFFEY, Benjamin Franklin18 NOV 1927
CAFFEY, Catherine Howell23 MAR 1921
CAFFEY, Christina Anne26 DEC 1956
CAFFEY, Eugene Meade27 AUG 1947
CAFFEY, Eugene Meade6 APR 1919
CAFFEY, Eugene Meade21 DEC 18961961
CAFFEY, Frances Elizabeth29 NOV 1944
CAFFEY, Francis Gordon17 MAR 1930
CAFFEY, Helen Meade23 SEP 1931
CAFFEY, Hester Washburn7 JUL 1926
CAFFEY, John Michael22 JUN 1955
CAFFEY, Letha Estell
CAFFEY, Living
CAFFEY, Lochlin Marlow27 JUN 1959
CAFFEY, Lochlin Willis11 SEP 1922
CAFFEY, Lochlin Willis22 AUG 1961
CAFFEY, Lonnie
CAFFEY, Margaret Kendall27 JUN 1955
CAFFEY, Mary Winn27 JUN 1933
CAFFEY, Russell
CAFFEY, Sharon
CAFFEY, Thurlow Dominic25 MAY 1965
CAFFEY, Thurlow Washburn Howell28 FEB 1935
CAFFEY, Travis Austin Jesse Randal
CAFFEY, Troy Morgan
CAFFEY, Troy Ray
CAFFEY, Unknown
CAFFEY, Wayne DuMariau26 FEB 1965

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