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303 Individuals with the BAUM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BAUM, "Engineer"
BAUM, "Lawyer"
BAUM, "Medical Doctor"
BAUM, A.E.12 Oct 1869
BAUM, Abraham1730
BAUM, Abraham
BAUM, Abraham10 Oct 174225 Jan 1833
BAUM, Abraham18 May 182529 Jul 1895
BAUM, Abraham
BAUM, Abraham27 Jun 1814Jul 1888
BAUM, Adam
BAUM, Adam1770
BAUM, Alexena
BAUM, Alice
BAUM, Alpheus
BAUM, Alton Parker24 Jan 190519 Nov 1935
BAUM, Amon
BAUM, Ann Elizabeth20 Mar 1935
BAUM, AnnaABT 1595
BAUM, Anna
BAUM, Anna Clara19 JAN 1757
BAUM, Anna Maria12 AUG 1761
BAUM, Annie McCleese1 Dec 185822 Oct 1912
BAUM, Archie L.15 Aug 18913 Jan 1971
BAUM, Audrey Lynn
BAUM, Audrey Lynn
BAUM, Avis ElizabethABT 19051969
BAUM, Azariah1827
BAUM, Barbara18141887
BAUM, Barbara
BAUM, Barry Leslie
BAUM, Barry Leslie
BAUM, Beatrice
BAUM, Benjamin
BAUM, Benjamin
BAUM, Benjamin1 Jan 180316 Mar 1836
BAUM, Bridget
BAUM, Brittani Anne
BAUM, Buena Vista23 Jun 187116 Jun 1956
BAUM, Caroline8 Jan 18552 Mar 1900
BAUM, Carrie LeeMar 1892
BAUM, Catharina12 NOV 1800
BAUM, Catharina14 NOV 1805
BAUM, Catharinae
BAUM, Catherinae12 NOV 1809
BAUM, Catherine
BAUM, Catherine C.13 May 1862
BAUM, Charles T.21 Jan 18645 Oct 1865
BAUM, Charlie Edward11 Nov 188721 Aug 1971
BAUM, Chesley Lee18831951
BAUM, Chesley Lee18831951
BAUM, Chloe22 Mar 182730 Sep 1871
BAUM, Christiani
BAUM, ChristophABT 1585
BAUM, Christopher
BAUM, Cora Lee29 Oct 187316 Mar 1946
BAUM, Cornelia LeePrivate
BAUM, Cornelia LeePrivate
BAUM, Cyrus Lembke21 JUL 192025 APR 1969
BAUM, Cyrus Lembke21 JUL 192025 APR 1969
BAUM, Daniel1784
BAUM, Daniel
BAUM, Daniel
BAUM, Daniel R.
BAUM, David
BAUM, David F
BAUM, Dennis Fleet6 Aug 190915 Jun 1918
BAUM, Donald
BAUM, Dora
BAUM, Dorothea25 MAY 18821964
BAUM, Dorothy
BAUM, Dorothy10 Apr 177620 Aug 1829
BAUM, Dorothy Ethel15 MAY 191411 OCT 1983
BAUM, Edith Gertrude24 MAR 187224 JUN 1923
BAUM, Edith Gertrude24 MAR 187224 JUN 1923
BAUM, Edmond Wilson
BAUM, Edward
BAUM, Edward3 Feb 1823
BAUM, Edward11 Feb 1815
BAUM, Edward
BAUM, Edward M.
BAUM, Edward Stanley2 Jan 183421 May 1914
BAUM, Edward Tomlin17 Jun 192614 Nov 1944
BAUM, Elizabeth1863
BAUM, Elizabeth11 Apr 18343 Apr 1901
BAUM, Elizabeth27 JAN 1834
BAUM, Elizabeth
BAUM, Elizabeth1863
BAUM, Elizabeth27 JAN 1834
BAUM, Elizabeth
BAUM, Elizabeth1834
BAUM, Elizabeth Benbury MacDonald8 Mar 18236 Oct 1897
BAUM, Elizabeth L. (Lizzie)23 Mar 1902
BAUM, Esther
BAUM, Esther20 May 186816 Apr 1938
BAUM, Esther ElviraABT 1825ABT 1865
BAUM, Esther ElviraABT 1825ABT 1865
BAUM, Eunice G.7 Jun 1908
BAUM, Evelyn1904
BAUM, Evelyn Joan
BAUM, Frances14 Jul 18263 Aug 1894
BAUM, Frances A.24 Jan 18113 Dec 1864
BAUM, Frances A.
BAUM, Franciscus Josephus10 APR 1763
BAUM, Frederick10 JAN 18868 AUG 1962
BAUM, George
BAUM, George
BAUM, George H1869
BAUM, George H1869
BAUM, George Washington8 Feb 185724 Sep 1891
BAUM, George Wolftenden3 Aug 189514 Apr 1982
BAUM, Geraldine1 Nov 1921
BAUM, Gertrude
BAUM, GregorABT 1587
BAUM, GregorABT 1559BET 1616 AND 1622
BAUM, Gregory Scott
BAUM, HansABT 1591BEF 1623
BAUM, Hilda S
BAUM, Honora (Mary Magdalen)
BAUM, Ilsa
BAUM, Isaac Norris14 May 188118 May 1952
BAUM, Jacob
BAUM, Jacob Mercer1 Jan 18206 Jul 1868
BAUM, Jason Richard
BAUM, Jennifer Lindsey28 DEC 1979
BAUM, Jennifer Lindsey28 DEC 1979
BAUM, Joannes Adumus30 OCT 1758
BAUM, Joannes Philippus24 JUN 1767
BAUM, Joannes Philippus20 SEP 1765
BAUM, Joannum Wendelinium20 OCT 1797
BAUM, John
BAUM, John1798Jan 1869
BAUM, John1818AFT 1880
BAUM, John
BAUM, John1818AFT 1880
BAUM, Jonathan Livingston28 DEC 1979
BAUM, Jonathan Livingston28 DEC 1979
BAUM, Joseph1834
BAUM, Joseph1 Oct 178022 Jul 1854
BAUM, Joseph Ashby29 Mar 180723 Mar 1861
BAUM, Joseph M.
BAUM, Joseph Waudell15 Oct 1914
BAUM, Josephus9 Feb 187517 Mar 1920
BAUM, Josephus9 Sep 18292 Oct 1913
BAUM, Josiah8 Jul 188028 Feb 1938
BAUM, Josiah Blackwell30 May 184217 Oct 1907
BAUM, Julian
BAUM, Julian Elwood10 Oct 189911 Apr 1956
BAUM, Julian Frost19001960
BAUM, Julie Lee
BAUM, Julie Lee
BAUM, Katie Belle11 Aug 188926 Oct 1940
BAUM, Katie Mae14 Apr 1896
BAUM, Kelly Sue
BAUM, LaDora8 Nov 1889
BAUM, Lance
BAUM, Lavinia24 Dec 185111 Jan 1900
BAUM, Lavinia31 Jul 181629 May 1886
BAUM, Leala Mae
BAUM, Lemuel
BAUM, Lewis Edward5 Sep 185612 Aug 1887
BAUM, Lillie Jacob
BAUM, Living
BAUM, Living
BAUM, Lloyd Curtis26 Nov 187410 Sep 1957
BAUM, Lloyd Curtis18981973
BAUM, Louis
BAUM, Lucy B.12 Feb 1904
BAUM, Lucy M.2 Sep 18674 Oct 1868
BAUM, Mabel
BAUM, Mahala16 Nov 181911 Apr 1892
BAUM, Mande Denise
BAUM, Margaret1845
BAUM, Margaret M6 Sep 1846
BAUM, Margaretha Elisabetha12 SEP 1791
BAUM, Maria17 DEC 1912
BAUM, Maria Barbara22 OCT 1753
BAUM, Maria Elisabetha23 FEB 1752
BAUM, Maria Juliana16 FEB 1755
BAUM, Martha
BAUM, Mary
BAUM, Mary
BAUM, Mary9 Feb 1900
BAUM, Mary (Polly)14 Nov 1823
BAUM, Mary Ann9 APR 1825
BAUM, Mary Ann1825
BAUM, Mary E.21 Nov 18573 Aug 1858
BAUM, Mary Elizabeth31 May 1906
BAUM, Mary Elizabeth28 Feb 186228 Aug 1904
BAUM, Mary Elizabeth10 JAN 19183 AUG 1987
BAUM, Mary Etta1 Aug 18897 Nov 1980
BAUM, Mary Jane
BAUM, Mary Susan
BAUM, Mary T.11 Dec 183811 Mar 1915
BAUM, Maurice1784
BAUM, Maurice15 Mar 177214 Dec 1839
BAUM, Maurice1805
BAUM, Maurice
BAUM, Michael Lee
BAUM, Michael Lee
BAUM, Michelle Dianne
BAUM, Michelle Dianne
BAUM, Mildred19021980
BAUM, Miles Christopher
BAUM, Miles Christopher
BAUM, Milford Josephus31 Dec 1906
BAUM, Minnie Willis22 Feb 1894
BAUM, Moody Meadows20 May 1903
BAUM, Moses25 FEB 18044 MAY 1853
BAUM, Moses25 FEB 18044 MAY 1853
BAUM, Mrs. Cristina1836
BAUM, Mrs. Cristina1836
BAUM, Nancy11 Oct 1801
BAUM, Nancy Matilda1772
BAUM, Nancy Wilson19 Dec 184119 Feb 1908
BAUM, NN1905FEB 1996
BAUM, Norris H.15 Dec 181512 Oct 1879
BAUM, Patsy
BAUM, Pearl13 Sep 1890
BAUM, Penelope
BAUM, Penelope
BAUM, Permelia Ann
BAUM, PeterABT 1589
BAUM, Peter1771
BAUM, Peter1807
BAUM, Peter R.27 Jan 1812
BAUM, Polly
BAUM, Polly
BAUM, Polly1809
BAUM, Rachel
BAUM, Rachel Marie25 Feb 1914
BAUM, Rena Mae13 Mar 1903
BAUM, Rhoda174010 Mar 1808
BAUM, Rhoda174010 MAR 1808
BAUM, Richard LeRoy
BAUM, Robert Mullen28 Feb 190330 Sep 1974
BAUM, Robert S
BAUM, Rosa1865

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