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124 Individuals with the BAER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BAER, Abraham11 Jul 1844
BAER, Adam Jacob3 NOV 1983
BAER, Adam Jacob3 NOV 1983
BAER, Adrian
BAER, Albrecht
BAER, Andrew S.18661866
BAER, Angeline6 OCT 18312 SEP 1910
BAER, Ann? ___ 1851
BAER, Anna Kasey5 Apr 16851748
BAER, Anna Margaret11 DEC 17565 AUG 1837
BAER, AnnieOCT 1871
BAER, Anton18731935
BAER, Barbra17 FEB 18555 SEP 1930
BAER, Bertha
BAER, Blanke K.31 JAN 187719 APR 1958
BAER, Bryan Max25 MAY 1978
BAER, Bryan Max25 MAY 1978
BAER, Carl W.28 APR 1913
BAER, Carl W.28 APR 1913
BAER, Cata? ___ 1862
BAER, CatherineABT 1808ABT 1881
BAER, Catherine20 AUG 176621 MAR 1826
BAER, CatherineABT 1700
BAER, Catherine Marlayne22 SEP 1949
BAER, Catherine Marlayne22 SEP 1949
BAER, Charla ElizabethPrivate
BAER, Charles (Carlus)5 APR 17994 NOV 1877
BAER, CHARLES A.4-15-1880
BAER, Charles Dennis16 Dec 18686 Apr 1929
BAER, Charles J
BAER, Daniel19 NOV 179028 OCT 1841
BAER, David Schwartz
BAER, Deborah4 Jan 1874
BAER, Deith Alan
BAER, Edna Rebecca27 May 19133 Oct 1988
BAER, Edward
BAER, Elisabeth20 FEB 17971868
BAER, Elizabeth
BAER, Elizabeth "Betsy"
BAER, Emily
BAER, Emma Grace31 JUL 187527 OCT 1976
BAER, Eva Elizabeth5 JUL 177131 MAY 1857
BAER, Eva May30 SEP 18824 JUN 1968
BAER, Fayette
BAER, Flore
BAER, Frederic.. 1884
BAER, Frederick? NOV 1853
BAER, Gary George4 Jun 1951
BAER, George? ___ 1850
BAER, Gerald Edwin14 Oct 1916
BAER, Hannah? ___ 1857
BAER, Hans Abrecht
BAER, Hardin
BAER, Hazel R.5 FEB 1917
BAER, Heinrich6 MAR 18011 MAR 1892
BAER, Helena
BAER, Henry? ___ 1848
BAER, Isaac
BAER, Issacher
BAER, JacobABT 17661 JAN 1856
BAER, Jacob22 JUN 17928 MAR 1861
BAER, Jacques18841966
BAER, Jeanne18811965
BAER, Jemima
BAER, Joann Raye8 JUL 1951
BAER, John? ___ 1860
BAER, John181024 JUL 1888
BAER, John24 Oct 179213 Oct 1840
BAER, John C.? ___ 1816
BAER, John George31 MAY 1798UNKNOWN
BAER, John George5 APR 17991880
BAER, John H.4 Feb 184414 Jun 1909
BAER, Judith ElainePrivate
BAER, Julia
BAER, Katharine14 JUL 18232 DEC 1852
BAER, Kathleen Ann
BAER, Kenneth Edwin1 Nov 1953
BAER, Laura
BAER, Leopold
BAER, Liliane
BAER, Lina
BAER, Lina1876
BAER, Living
BAER, Lizzie M.APR 1853
BAER, Louisa? ___ 1859
BAER, Lucien
BAER, LucindaABT 183317 MAY 1872
BAER, Maggie? ___ 1852
BAER, Margaret
BAER, Maria30 DEC 179330 MAR 1856
BAER, Mark4 NOV 1949
BAER, Mark4 NOV 1949
BAER, Martha
BAER, Martha Magdalena
BAER, Mary? ___ 1867
BAER, Mattie
BAER, Mattie Lou20 MAY 1917
BAER, Melchior6 JAN 1725/2628 FEB 1773
BAER, MelchiorAPR 180616 FEB 1810
BAER, Melchior19 FEB 176529 DEC 1850
BAER, Rachel11 SEP 1795UNKNOWN
BAER, Rebecca
BAER, RobinPrivate
BAER, Rose
BAER, Rose
BAER, Rudolph
BAER, Samantha Elizabeth19 OCT 1982
BAER, Samantha Elizabeth19 OCT 1982
BAER, Samuel30 SEP 1802UNKNOWN
BAER, Sophia
BAER, StanleyWFT EST. 1869-1906WFT EST. 1895-1984
BAER, Susanna11 JUN 180427 AUG 1849
BAER, Susanna1 Sep 17541819/1820
BAER, Veloma
BAER, Walter8 NOV 1903
BAER, William
BAER, William? ___ 1865
BAER, William F.
BAER, William F.19 AUG 18416 DEC 1897

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