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22 Individuals with the BADEN-DURLACH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BADEN-DURLACH, Albertina ofAbt 1690
BADEN-DURLACH, Albertine Princess Of3/13 Jul 168222 Dec 1755
BADEN-DURLACH, Anna Amalie Princess Of9 Jul 159518 Nov 1651
BADEN-DURLACH, Barbara Countess Of6 Jun 162213 Sep 1639
BADEN-DURLACH, Christine Countess Of25 Dec 162611 Jul 1627
BADEN-DURLACH, Christine Princess Of22/2 Apr/May 164521 Dec 1705
BADEN-DURLACH, Christof Prince Of9 Oct 16842 May 1723
BADEN-DURLACH, Frederick VI of
BADEN-DURLACH, Friederike Countess Of6 Apr 162516 Jun 1645
BADEN-DURLACH, Friedrich Magnus Prince OfABT 17021732
BADEN-DURLACH, Friedrich V Margrave Of6 Jul 15948 Sep 1659
BADEN-DURLACH, Friedrich VI Margrave Of6 Nov 161731/10 Jan/Feb 1677
BADEN-DURLACH, Friedrich VII Margrave Of23 Sep 164725 Jun 1709
BADEN-DURLACH, Georg Friedrich Margrave Of30 Jan 157314 Sep 1638
BADEN-DURLACH, Juliane Countess Of4 Nov 16187 Jul 1623
BADEN-DURLACH, Karl Gustav Prince Of27 Sep 164824 Oct 1703
BADEN-DURLACH, Karl III Wilhelm Margrave Of18/28 Jan 167912 May 1738
BADEN-DURLACH, Karl Ludwig Prince Of14 Feb 175516 Dec 1801
BADEN-DURLACH, Karl Magnus Prince Of17 Mar 162119 Nov 1658
BADEN-DURLACH, Sibylle Countess Of5 Feb 162024 Apr 1679
BADEN-DURLACH, Sibylle Magdalene Princess Of21 Jul 160526 Jul 1644

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