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22 Individuals with the BABYLON Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BABYLON, Andia (Andria) ofABT 0524 BC
BABYLON, daughter of Nabu-shum-ishkum of
BABYLON, Eriba-Marduk King ofAFT 0765 BC
BABYLON, Gobryas (Ugbaru) Governor of0610 BC7 Nov 0539 BC
BABYLON, Marduk-shahin-shumi of
BABYLON, Marduk-zera-uballit of
BABYLON, Merodach-Baladan King ofAFT 0703 BC
BABYLON, Nabonassar ofABT 0734 BC
BABYLON, Nabonidis Emperor of0539 BC
BABYLON, Nabu-apila-iddina ofABT 0853 BC
BABYLON, Nabu-mukin-apli ofABT 0943 BC
BABYLON, Nabu-shum-ishkun King ofAFT 0740 BC
BABYLON, Nabu-shuma-ukin I ofABT 0886 BC
BABYLON, Nebuchadnezzar II 'the Great' King ofABT 0562 BC
BABYLON, Nebuchadnezzar IV (King-claimant) ofABT 0550 BCAFT 0519 BC
BABYLON, Neitaqert (Nitocris) Queen of
BABYLON, Nidintu-bel Prince ofABT 0580 BC0522 BC
BABYLON, Pamela Jane
BABYLON, Pelag (Peleg) King ofABT 2243 BCABT 2004 BC
BABYLON, Shamash-mudammiq ofABT 0901 BC
BABYLON, Tashmetum-sharrat Princess of

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