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47 Individuals with the ALBEE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ALBEE, Ada Maria22 AUG 184320 OCT 1932
ALBEE, BenjaminABT 1651
ALBEE, Benjamin1614AFT 1675
ALBEE, BetseyABT 1773
ALBEE, Catherine30 APR 1817
ALBEE, Catherine30 APR 1817
ALBEE, Deborah
ALBEE, Elizabeth
ALBEE, Georgiana19 AUG 184328 NOV 1923
ALBEE, Georgiana19 AUG 184328 NOV 1923
ALBEE, Hannah16411723
ALBEE, Hannah16 Jun 1641
ALBEE, Hannah
ALBEE, Helen Frances18 Apr 1898WFT Est. 1926-1992
ALBEE, James11 MAR 1680/81
ALBEE, James21 FEB 1710/11
ALBEE, JamesABT 1640
ALBEE, JohnABT 16411675
ALBEE, Lovett Sumner5 Jun 181022 Jun 1863
ALBEE, Lydia16903 OCT 1776
ALBEE, Lydia1642
ALBEE, Margaret
ALBEE, Martha16 MAY 1714
ALBEE, Mary10 Aug 1851
ALBEE, MaryABT 1713
ALBEE, MaryABT. 1713
ALBEE, Mary18 APR 171029 MAY 1792
ALBEE, Nancy
ALBEE, Obediah29 OCT 17051792
ALBEE, PrudenceABT. 164812 Nov 1694
ALBEE, Prudence
ALBEE, PrudenceABT 1650BET 1689 AND 1694
ALBEE, PrudenceABT 164812 NOV 1694
ALBEE, Prudence^Abt 1650betw.1689 and 1694
ALBEE, Rhoda17311819
ALBEE, Rhoda1 JUN 173119 JUL 1819
ALBEE, SarahABT 1653
ALBEE, Sarah1681
ALBEE, Simeom
ALBEE, Thomas
ALBEE, Timothy
ALBEE, W. E.WFT EST. 1845-1880WFT EST. 1871-1959

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