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Arthur Tudor

               Maredudd (Meredith) TUDOR
           Owen TUDOR
               (Spouse not known)
       Edmund TUDOR, b. ABT    1430
               Charles_VI the_Beloved, b. 1368
           Catherine of_Valois, b. 27 OCT 1401, Paris
               Isabelle of_Bavaria
   Henry_VII TUDOR, b. 28 JAN 1457, Pembroke Castle,Pembrokeshire,England
               John Beaufort
           John BEAUFORT, b. 1403
               Margaret HOLLAND
       Margaret of_Richmond BEAUFORT
           Margaret BEAUCHAMP
Arthur TUDOR, b. 20 SEP 1486, St. Swithin's,Priory,Winchester,England
               Richard o PLANTAGENET
           Richard PLANTAGENET
               Anne MORTIMER
       Edward_IV, b. 28 APR 1442, Rouen,France
               Ralph of_Westmoreland 1st
           Cicely NEVILL
               Joan Beaufort
   Elizabeth of_York, b. 11 FEB 1466, Westminster,Palace,London,England
           Richard WOODVILLE
       Elizabeth WOODVILLE, b. ABT    1437, Grafton Regis,Northants
           (Spouse not known)

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