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Constantine_I Oldenburg

           Frederick William o, b. 1785
       Christian_IX, b. 8 APR 1818, Gottorp
               Charles of_Hesse-Cassel, b. 1744
           Louise Caroline o, b. 1789
               Louise, b. 1750
   William George_I o OLDENBURG, b. 24 DEC 1845, Copenhagen,Denmark
               Frederick of_Hesse-Cassel, b. 1747
           William of_Hesse-Cassel, b. 1787
               Caroline of_Nassau- Usingen, b. 1762
       Louise of_Hesse-Cassel, b. 7 SEP 1817, Cassel
               Frederick, b. 1753
           Louise Charlotte of_Denmark, b. 1789
               Sophia Frederica o, b. 1758
Constantine_I OLDENBURG, b. 2 AUG 1868, Athens,Greece
               Paul ROMANOV, b. 1754
           Nicholas_I ROMANOV, b. 1796
               Maria Feodorovna o
       Constantine Nikolaievitch o, b. 1827
               Frederick William_III, b. 1770, Germany
           Charlotte of_Prussia, b. 1798
               Louise of_Mecklenburg- S, b. 1776
   Olga Constantinovna, b. 1851
           Joseph of_Saxe- Altenburg
       Elizabeth Alexandra of_Saxe-, b. 1830
               Ludwig of_Wurttemberg
           Amalie of_Wurttemberg

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