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Calvin (John) Coolidge

               John COOLIDGE, b. 1756
           Calvin COOLIDGE, b. 27 MAR 1780, Plymouth, VT
               Hannah PRIEST, b. 1751, MA (?)
       Calvin Galusha COOLIDGE, b. 22 SEP 1815, Plymouth, VT
           Sarah THOMPSON, b. 3 APR 1789, Chester, VT
   John Calvin COOLIDGE, b. 21 MAR 1845, Plymouth, Vermont
       Sarah Alameda BREWER, b. 17 DEC 1823, Ludlow, VT
Calvin (John) COOLIDGE, b. 4 JUL 1872, Plymouth, Vermont
   Victoria Josephine MOOR, b. 14 MAR 1846, Plymouth, Vermont

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