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   Abram SHARP, b. 14 JAN 1809, Hamilton Co., OH
SHARP, b. 31 JUL 1837, Sycamore Twp, Hamilton Co, Ohio
               Johannes Peter SORTORE, b. 1720, Germany
           Thomas Gordon SORTORE, b. 7 DEC 1758, Rocky Hill, Somerset Co., New Jersey
               Epenetus GORDON, b. 1732, New Jersey
       Hezekiah SORTORE, b. 1 SEP 1784, Somerset Co., NJ
           Jane Van Mater SUTPHEN, b. 3 JAN 1763, Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ
   Charity SORTOR, b. 28 JUN 1812, Hamilton Co., OH
       Sarah Cox PETERSON, b. 14 MAR 1793, Sandy Hook, Monmouth Co, New Jersey

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